In the current economy, finding a job for graduates who are just entering the market can be a difficult task. There are a few hurdles that most graduates have to face because they are new to the workforce. Lack of experience is the biggest challenge, followed closely by lack of interviewing skills. Thankfully the internet is filled with tips from employers and people with experience in the workforce to help a new graduate through the interview process.

The Basics

For any interview that you are attending there are some basics that simply have to be done correctly. Showing up early is key. Employers expect you to be on time, showing up early just reinforces that you are dependable and is a good start to any interview. Being presentable is another given. Depending on the work environment, this may mean anything from business casual to a business suit. Again, these things are basic requirements that simply have to be done correctly.


Researching the company that you have applied to work for can be extremely helpful during the interview process. It shows the employer that you have taken the time and effort to understand the company and the role you are seeking to fill in the company. Job hunting sites like, allow their clients to upload a résumé which can then be blasted to hundreds of employers. While this increases the amount of employers that can be reached by a single applicant, it decreases the likelihood that an applicant will actually remember all of the companies applied to. A little bit of research can make an applicant look like a star in an interview.


Being confident is one of the best things that you can be in any interview. Nothing sells an employer like a candidate that is self assured and knows their abilities and limitations. During most interviews you will be discussing your résumé, so it will aid in your confidence if you know every single detail that you have listed in your résumé. Because we are discussing fresh graduates who usually do not have a detailed work history, you can still be confident about any academic accomplishments that you would like to highlight as well as any volunteer work that you might have done. The key is not to be intimidated just because you don't have as much experience as you would like. You have to remember that at this point you were called in for an interview, so there is interest in you as a candidate.

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