Repeated failures in the interviews may disappoint the candidates. Although every rejection will help you learn new things, understand the areas where you must make improvements, it also will make the candidate to lose his confidence. Also, if the wrong techniques are employed, it will not make any difference to your performance in the interviews.

It is important for you to make a list of the things that you were unable to answer or lack in giving satisfying answers to the interviewer. You need to meet the employer after an unsuccessful interview and get the interview feedback. Ask some questions to the employer to know where you lacked in the meeting. Make list of the things and try to prevent them when you prepare for the interview next time.

After an unsuccessful interview, instead of getting disappointed, one must learn from the mistakes occurred during the meeting and prepare on them. Review all your performance and rate every aspect of the interview from start to end. Figure out the areas where you think you went wrong and need improvement. You can also make note of your strong points and compare them with the bad ones. You need to ask some questions to the interviewer for feedback of the interview. Make sure that questions you ask for the feedback help you prepare yourself for the future interviews. Following are some interview feedback questions that you can ask to the employer. Keep in mind to make notes of the interviewer’s observations:

Q – What were the major areas of discrepancies in my interview?
This is the general question that you can ask at the start of the conversation. Doing this you can know about any specific area that you need to emphasize on. You will also know about the things where you lack and where you need to improve a lot.

Q – Was my preparation about the job profile or company knowledge poor?
You may want to know about the preparation you did for the job interview. Was it sufficient? If your preparation was not up to the mark, you can ask the interviewer the kind of preparation that is expected for clearing the interview.

Q – Were the facts that I stated about the company wrong?
Many times it may happen that employer may ask you about the profile of the company you are applying in to see whether you are really interested in the job. If you have poor knowledge about the company and its work profile, employer may think you unsuitable for the job. Hence, ask the interviewer whether this was the reason for your rejection. If this was the reason for your rejection, improve your research skills about the company you are applying in.

Q – Did I lack in providing satisfying answers to your questions?
This is generally the reason for most interview rejections. Being disappointed from lots of rejections, candidate may get over conscious about answering the questions and this may lead to poor performance in the interview. It is needed to stay calm and confident when you face the interviewer. Also, many candidates speak a lot but it is not relevant to the question asked. Candidates think that they spoke a lot and even then got rejected. Hence, it is important to get feedback on this.

Q – What were the major points that I lack compared to the other candidates?
The answer to this question will give you complete overview of where you stand as compared to the other candidates. You can review the fields that you want to improve and prepare yourself to with stand the competition.

Q – Any comments about my appearance?
Your body language and your appearance can sometimes be the reason for your rejection. Your voice tone and other noon verbal signs along with the overall appearance are evaluated at the time of interview. Hence, know whether these things were according to the need.

Q – Any suggestions for me?
Ask for the suggestions to the interviewer before leaving the conversation. They can give you valuable suggestion to help you in future interviews.

Follow the interview tips and prepare yourself well before you appear for the interview. Initial preparation will always benefit you instead of taking feedback after an unsuccessful interview and then starting the preparation.

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