One key to marriage success was exposed in the Bible by King Solomon long time ago; but most modern couples are ignoring it or they are not aware of it. Let’s check it out first before I comment on it.

"I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me. Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the field; let us lodge in the villages. Let us get up early to the vineyards; let us see if the vine flourish, whether the tender grape appear, and the pomegranates bud forth: there will I give thee my loves"(Song of Solomon 7:10-12 KJV)

One great key to the success of any marriage from this passage is VILLAGE LODGEMENT. This simply means creating time to withdraw from our normal schedule, to be alone together with our spouses, to rekindle love, re- fire romance and rejuvenate marriage. Note that you will never find time for this except you consciously create time for it. IF YOU WANT THE VINE OF YOUR MARRIAGE TO FLOURISH THEN TAKE YOUR WIFE OR HUSBAND OUT, DATE HIM OR HER, STOP LIVING LIFE ON THE FAST LANE, BRING LIFE BACK TO YOUR MARRIAGE, DONT KILL YOUR MARRIAGE BY NOT CREATING TIME FOR YOUR SPOUSE, BRING BACK LIFE INTO YOUR MARRIAGE.

--- Love can dry away in marriage if you leave it unattended to.
--- Marriage can never be stronger if couples are never together.
--- All works and no play make marriage a dull one.
--- You will do your marriage no good if you only work together without playing together.
---Unless you continue to fuel the ember of love in your marriage, you may end up an enemy of each other

--- It is a good way to deal with stress, marriage does not work well under stress.
--- It rekindles love in marriage.
--- It helps to deal with drifting in marriage.
--- It helps to solve problems in marriage and put an end to conflict and crisis.
--- It encourages togetherness.
--- It fulfills love need and desire of most women for attention.
--- It is a good and great way to show that you truly love your spouse
--- It gives room for fondness which is a good key to a successful marriage.
--- It gives room for deep and loving communication in marriage.
--- It encourages forgiveness as couples have time to talk about their differences without pressure.
--- It encourages playfulness, child-likeness and humor.
--- It also allows couples to connect spiritually as they have time to pray and study the Bible together
--- It encourages intimacy and bonding in marriage as it enhances "naked but not ashamed"
--- It gives room for deep sexual enjoyment of couples in marriage which is very important for the success of marital life.

---- PRAYER RETREAT: Go on prayer retreat together with your spouse, this has really been helpful to my own family.Praying together do make mind to grow fonder, give your love life a new beginning in the presence of God.

---- DAILY ROUTINE: Separate at least 30 minutes per day to talk deeply about your day, plans, vision, love and marriage. Talk, talk and talk, don't miss it, enjoy this period together. Even if one of you travel, still discus on the phone.

--- PUBLIC HOLIDAY, PRIVATE LOVE: Make good use of your public holidays, plan for it, look forward to it together, use these days to be together in the house or go out together to enjoy your marriage and family life.

--- WEEKEND ROMANCE: Plan your weekend together, weekend is not only for parties, it is for your family as well, attend only very necessary parties, use the weekend to link up with your spouse, enjoy each other’s company.

--- DATE AND EAT: Date out, eat out in an eatery or hotel alone with your spouse without your Children, spend at least two hours together there, eating, talking and playing please don't be in haste, love birds are never in hurry

--- WEEKEND OUT: Weekend out together in a good and affordable hotel. Make it a Secondary honey moon. Just for the two of you, it is an investment that worth it.

----HOME LOVE: Take your children to Granny or any trusted family friend during the holiday, take two or three days casual leave from the office and be together at home just the two of you with phones, television and iPad switch off most of the time. Cook together. Talk, talk and talk, pray and eat together, play and bath together, make love and rekindle your love that is marriage.
---- AWAY GAME: Travel abroad together for one or two weeks if you can afford the trip, it’s just to be together and rekindle your marriage.

---VILLAGE LOVE: Travel together to a quiet village, stay there for some days, go to farm together, see nature, go to the stream like villagers, fish together or just see fishes in the stream or river swimming, play with leaves, see nest of birds and hear them sing, just enjoy your stay there together like love birds

---- CRUISE LOVE: Join other couples on love cruise in the sea this can take you days, but you will be together to enjoy your time together, you will never forget it, do this annually.

----- ROMANCE TOUR: Join some other couples to go on romance tour of other countries, get on the internet to know more about organizers of these kinds of tour and their schedules. If you really desire a good marriage, give it a try.

---- CREATIVE LOVE: The entire one you read above are just suggestions, you and your spouse should sit down and talk about how best to go about your village lodgment based on the preference of both of you. Please don't leave your marriage unattended to by all means do something.

--- pray together
--- play together
--- watch movie together
--- massage each other
--- talk, talk and talk.
--- stroll together
--- hug each other generously
--- eat together
--- dance together
--- swim together.
--- read marriage books together.
--- make love generously, make it a secondary honey moon, and make it a banquet of love making.

No matter how you do it, plan a get away with your spouse for your marriage. You fight always in that marriage because of boredom, stress and routine; become creative lovers and turn your marriage around as you become lover boy and girl. IT IS WELL WITH YOUR MARRIAGE.

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