Are you starting to feel as though the intimacy in your relationship is dissolving right before your very eyes? If so, it doesn't have to be this way. Intimacy and relationships don't have to be mutually exclusive. You can begin to rekindle the intimacy in your relationship by learning a few simple techniques that will lead you back to the love, and intimacy you once had.

Interesting things happen as time goes on...

For many people marriage, intimacy, and relationships seem really easy when everything first get started. Everything seems fresh and exciting as you and your partner begin to build your lives together. Problems can pop up as you go along, but the newness of the relationship can overcome random hiccups in the beginning. However, life goes on, daily pressures tend to take over, while the initial intimacy that a relationship brings falls to the bottom of the list of important things. If this is the situation you now find yourself in, perhaps these few tips about intimacy can give you some help for getting on track again.

A problem that often gets in the way of bringing your marriage back on track is poor communication skills. There are times when one person feels like something is missing or the current problems they're having are more important than the joy they're getting from their marriage. That one partner feels totally isolated and very alone in the relationship. This tends to cause more guilt feelings, but their partner doesn't seem to have the same feelings at all.

The reality of the situation is that when one partner isn't satisfied, there's a strong chance the other one isn't either. Just taking the time to sit down and let your partner know how much you care about your relationship, and how important it is to you to get it back on track, can make a major difference. By you opening up that sense intimacy in your relationship again, your spouse feels like they can discuss their own concerns and issues. You might be understandably concerned that your spouse will be hurt by learning you're not totally happy in the relationship as it is. However, you also might be really surprised to hear that they are relieved to find out you feel the same way as they do.

Make it A Team Effort

At the same time you and your spouse are talking about lack of intimacy in your relationship, you both can start to remember what it was that drew you to each other in the beginning. Sometimes those small things that had meant a lot to both of you, and had given you that sense of being close, end up being forgotten in the midst of day to day concerns. After a while you stop noticing what was working so well, and start focusing on all the things that aren't. Stepping back and taking the time to remind yourself of what it was about each other that made you fall in love in the first place, and then reminding and sharing that with each other can bring a true sense of intimacy back.

The first thing it does is let your partner know you're still happy and in love with them. No matter what problems may be facing you, even if the relationship has changed, being assured that your spouse still cherishes and loves you is a major force that inspires more communication and respect. It also tends to let your partner know that whatever they're doing is working, and it encourages them to continue acting in ways you are appreciative of.

Sometimes we all get so caught up in the daily minutia and problems that surface, we tend to forget the intimacy we once had and why we got together with our partners to start with. Discuss the things you feel you're missing, but remember to tell them all the things that you love and appreciate about them as well. Try scheduling a quiet evening to yourself and just reminisce about how your relationship began. It's a matter of getting back in touch with the love, passion, and peace you had with each other in the beginning. It doesn't matter what issues you need to address, intimacy in your relationship can always be ignited by rekindling that first spark of love you once had. Just remember intimacy and relationships never have to be mutually exclusive again.

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