Hearing The Voice Of God When you are following your heart and listening to the guidance you receive from (God, The Universe, The Divine, Source Energy) you begin to make decisions based on that guidance. I began hearing the voice of God at the age of 21. The problem was when I was younger I was in such fear I shut God out. I prayed, but I did not want to hear God speak to me, it was just too scary. My version of God way back then was of an angry vengeful God. This is not true. My personal experience is the opposite. All our guides, angels and teachers on the other side are so compassionate and loving that when you tap into their energy you are so filled with the feeling of deep connection and love that it makes you weep with joy. The scary version of a God that seeks revenge was set up by man and The Church to create fear. The easiest way to control the masses is through fear.

I was a very slow learner. Having 5 planets in the sign of Scorpio has helped me to be very stubborn and pig headed. These are not traits that I am proud of, but they are part of who I am. I have overcome much of the negative parts of my personality through the healing work I have done. It has taken years for me to actually pay attention and ACT on the guidance I received. Oh I heard the guidance, but I ignored it or argued with my angels and guides. I could see them rolling on the floor in riotous laughter, knowing what the end result would be for me. I love the line on the TV show Two and A Half Men, "How's that working out for you?" It did not work very well at all. In fact when I did not listen to the guidance and went my own merry way, I ended up stepping knee deep in a large pile of cow dung, figuratively speaking.

Hearing the voice of our angels and guides takes practice unless you are incredibly open to receive it. Many are gifted at an early age and not stubborn angry people, like I was. All that emotion and stuffed anger gets in the way of hearing. The more in denial you are about you and what is going on in your life the less that filters through. Denial blocks you from hearing your guidance. Denial is the biggest block to the truth.

Divine Guidance Is never ever wrong. Believe me when I say your Divine Guidance is never ever wrong. I have tested my guidance over and over again.If you are not sure where your guidance is coming from, ask. Simply ask. A prayer that your guidance can only come from "Radiant God on High" will take care of it. I have NEVER received guidance that has steered me in the wrong direction. If your "guidance" steers you in the wrong direction you have attachments that need to be cleared. Send me an e-mail. My Guidance: I lived in Alpharetta, Georgia for 25 years. I loved Georgia as did my 15 year old daughter who was deeply entrenched in her high school there. My oldest son, Adam Gates, (check him out on facebook) is a model and has lived in Denver, Colorado on several occasions, was talking to me about moving back there. I was half-listening to him babble on about Colorado this and Colorado that.... when I heard very clearly and deeply in my right ear BOULDER! I did not pay much attention. Adam continued to talk about his pending move, when again in my right ear I heard the unmistakable BOULDER! To be sure I knew who it was coming from, (God) I heard it one more time BOULDER! I could not believe this was happening, how could I possibly move to Boulder, Colorado in the middle of the school year with my daughter in high school?

I am originally from Toronto, Ontario. I had made a vow to never again live where there was snow in the winter. So much for personal vows. When God has a plan for you, it will work out far better than anything our little pea brains could possibly come up with. The key is to TRUST the guidance you receive. I trusted. Within 3 weeks we had sold everything, including my landscaping business, For Heaven Scapes, Ltd. which in itself was a major miracle. I sold a truck, trailer, mower and all my equipment as well as all our furniture in 3 and one half days! Then drove across the country in my little Honda with 4 cats and our dog, Karma. Even the journey with all the animals in our vehicle was peaceful and breath-takingly beautiful. We saw such amazing sites. Within the first week we felt at home, found a lovely place to live. My daughter is in school here and had friends by lunch time. A group of great teens without filters, who have accepted her as she is. She has never been happier. I have to say, neither have I.

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a mystic, author, speaker, radio talk show host on Voice America Internet radio on the 7th Wave channel. Her show INTO THE MYSTIC can be heard on Thursdays at 1:00 PST, 2:00 MST, 4:00 EST or downloaded anytime. It is also available free on I-Tunes.

Jennifer's book Odyssey Victim to Victory is available on Amazon.com and also through her website at www.JenniferElizabethMasters.com