Introducing the flow of opening an beauty salon and tips for success. First of all, it is necessary to acquire skills, decide the place, and prepare the necessary tools
What are the benefits of opening a street shop and opening a beauty salon?
Find a street shop or tenant

It is difficult to maintain a stable store in any industry and earn a solid sales. Meanwhile, it seems that the number of people opening a beauty salon is increasing. The reason why the number of practicing beauty salons is increasing is that beauty salons are known and popular by many people. Therefore, more and more people are trying to make money by opening an esthetic salon.

When opening a beauty salon, we will delve into two ways to open it. The first way to open an esthetic salon is to open it using a shop such as a roadside store or a tenant. The advantage of the method of opening a store by using a store such as a roadside store or a tenant is that there are basically stores in a place with a lot of people, and it seems to be a big merit that the ability to attract customers is stable. Another advantage is that there are more reservations for diving. The reason why the number of jump-in reservations increases is that there are stores in locations that are easily visible to people passing by, depending on the location.

Another way to open an esthetic salon is to open an esthetic salon in a rental apartment. The advantage of opening an esthetic salon that opens in a rental condominium is that you can expect the same level of customer attraction as a roadside store or a tenant in a place where many people are likely to come, such as near a station or in a downtown area. Also, if the number of customers is good, it can be a beauty salon shop that is as prosperous as the one that opened.
The greatest merit is the flexibility of time when opening a beauty salon at home.
Open at home

When I was talking with my friends what kind of work I should do next, I was advised to open a beauty salon at home. My current income is very strict, and it is not enough to live with two children, but it is not enough to afford. I'm finally in a state where I've managed to eat after receiving some allowances, so I'm rushing to change jobs soon.

By the way, it is a recommendation of a friend when thinking about changing jobs like this, but to make such a recommendation, a friend of a friend is opening a beauty salon at home and actually experiencing the beauty salons It seems that I have been there. The woman is not a single, but she has children. It seems that there was a strong opposition from Dana-san to using the house at the beginning of the business, but rather than going outside to work with a small child, I can adjust the time for my own convenience and also the child by myself. I was tired of trying to open it at home where I was taken care of, but I was reluctant, but I got OK. When I heard that story, I thought that I might not have many customers at home even though I was flexible in time, but when my friend went to the beauty salon, it was very prosperous. It seems that he was doing it. And it's cheaper than anything else. It seemed to be a system where the more you visit, the more you go, because you buy cosmetics used for beauty treatment and keep them in the first place. It is a fascinating job change story that has merits, but I gave up immediately because I need training before opening a home.
The process of opening a beauty salon is relatively easy
Flow until opening of salon

No special qualifications are required to work as an esthetician. It seems that there are many people who dream of getting a job at an esthetic clinic, honing their skills and challenging new fields while they are working, and gradually stepping up and eventually having their own salon.

It is relatively easy to open an esthetic salon because it is regarded as a free business without the need to obtain permission from a public agency such as a local government or to report it. However, since it is a job to perform an operation on the face and body of a person, specialized knowledge and skills are naturally required. For those who have never worked in beauty salons, you must first study knowledge and skills at a beauty salon, or work for a company that can acquire skills. Those who have been working for beauty salon for many years will be able to open it immediately.

If we can prepare the opening funds including advertising expenses and working capital, we will make a business plan based on our own concept. For the salon, you can rent one room such as a store or condominium, use part of your home as a salon, visit a customer's house for treatment, visit a beauty salons, rent a space in a hotel or sports club facility, etc. There are various methods.

Once the place is decided, we will prepare the environment. Based on the concept of what kind of atmosphere we want to have in the salon, we will arrange the atmosphere of the shop with interior and furniture. Rent or purchase equipment, cosmetics, etc. necessary for your own treatment such as facial, body, nail, and hair removal. Prepare for the opening day by advertising for attracting customers, such as deciding the opening day and inserting advertisements.
Most of the expenses required to open a dream beauty salon seem to be advertising expenses

what does cost of opening Beauty salons?
Opening an esthetic salon ... In a word, I think that there are many people who think that if they have the technology, the money will be managed. However, it is a mistake that the beauty salon start-up cost will naturally increase the number of customers with good skills, so do not misunderstand it. In order to open a business, first of all, it is necessary to publicize the salon to many people. This advertising cost is actually the most expensive, but most people can't afford to spend a lot of money.

The reason is that there are many other things that need to be prepared, and hiring an employee other than yourself can be very expensive. If you start by yourself, the initial cost seems to be about 200,000 to 500,000, but if you set up an independent store or increase the number of employees, it should be double or triple that. not. In that case, even if you prepare your own funds, it will not be enough unless it is very large. Therefore, it is common to rely on bank borrowing, but it may not be so easy because there are certain conditions here as well.

Anyone who has experience in beauty salons can open a beauty salon, but the cost will vary greatly depending on the salon that the person wants to make. At first, I think that the method of getting the customer to advertise the shop by word of mouth without being too particular about the size of the shop can be expected to be most effective and the opening cost can be suppressed.
Prepare surgical equipment and equipment to prepare for the opening of the beauty salon

Let's arrange surgical instruments
Although it is an esthetic salon that does not require special qualifications to open, it seems necessary to prepare for opening such as the preparation of surgical instruments and equipment. Regarding treatment equipment, it seems that there are differences in the treatment equipment that is stored at each store. There is a difference in the treatment equipment placed at each store, even if the person who manages the same beauty salons have a variation in the treatment menu provided by himself, because the treatment equipment that matches the treatment menu provided by him is placed. There seems to be differences in the equipment that is stored at each store. So it's a good idea to think about what kind of equipment you need after preparing the treatment menu you want to sell.

The equipment that varies depending on the store is the equipment, but beds and sheets are necessary for any beauty salon. Another beauty salon that any beauty salon needs is the white uniform that you wear. Besides, washing machines, cosmetics and towels are also essential. In this way, it is enough to perform the operation if you prepare the minimum necessary equipment such as the bed, sheets and lab coat. However, if you prepare office supplies such as PCs, telephones, and faxes when you prepare for opening, you can start your business in a more perfect condition. A phone is necessary to answer the call from the customer. Since the Internet has become widespread these days, it seems good to have a computer. If you also have office supplies such as PCs, telephones, faxes, etc., it seems good to arrange things that are useful for your own store operation everywhere.
A large amount of equipment and cosmetics for the beauty salon preparation

Let's prepare beauty salon cosmetics
There are a lot of beauty salons out there, but I've heard that the cost of opening a small beauty salon is quite high. After all, the price of surgical instruments is high. It seems that people who have left the salon and started their business will be asked to divide the used equipment used at that salon at a low price, but that doesn't mean that all of them are available. You need the kind, and you have to secure the number. Unless it is a concept that one customer is entertained and relaxed, it will proceed to several customers at the same time. If that happens, you will definitely need more than one. Even in the same beauty industry, the funding for opening a beauty salon may be different.

Next comes cosmetics. Most cosmetics for beauty treatments are very expensive to buy individually, but they are not so cheap for business use. However, this also means that there is a big difference in the purchase amount if you do not have a reliable purchasing route, so when you leave the salon for opening, it is best to leave Yen. As an esthetic lover, I used to go to a large beauty salon and bought expensive cosmetics, and even at an salon my acquaintance opened, it was cheap, but the quality was similar. . It may be different for professionals, but since the effects when actually used are the same, it may be that there is no such cosmetic price.
Advertising is the secret to success! How to attract customers to open beauty salon

Think about how to attract customers
Even if you are a good esthetician, there are limits to how you can attract customers only through reviews. Using flyers and the Internet is also a key to success in order to inform and inform the beauty salon opening.

There are many ways to create your own flyers on the Internet. Even if you don't have any special software, you can easily make it with the software already installed in your computer or the free software. Expenses can be held down, and a leaflet suitable for beauty salons can be created. Or maybe there are many professionals who make flyers. You can decide one color, full color, size, paper quality, etc., and it seems that you can make a special leaflet within the budget. If you put leaflets in close contact with the community, it is said that the number is 3,000 to 10,000 sheets within a radius of 500 meters from the shop. I think that the number is large at first, but even after the beauty salon opens, it will decrease immediately as you post by taking advantage of the rest and free time. Why not post a leaflet or talk to the target audience while walking around or cycling around the area? You may be interested in beauty treatments with your skin and explanation.

As a method of attracting customers using the Internet, we will make a blog and Facebook of the shop. We will introduce daily products such as introducing products used in beauty treatment salons, appealing beauty salons treatment that we are good at, and putting customer opinions. Writing little by little like a diary is a secret of success that will also have a repeat effect on those who have visited.
The key to the successful opening of an esthetic salon is to have a specialized field that is a strength

Have a specialty
More and more people have jobs in their hands. The beauty salons are also good. You can acquire skills by going to an esthetic school and obtaining qualifications, or working at an esthetic salon for a long time. If you start your own beauty salon, the key to success is to have a specialized field. If you open a beauty salon at a chain store, you will be well known, and there are a wide variety of courses from beauty to slimming, and the manual is solid. A privately run beauty salon has a lot of aromas and relaxation, and we can offer our customers a relaxing and fulfilling service. In addition to having a specialized field as a secret of success, let's summarize the target group, price, and how many people can handle in a day.

A beautiful face can tighten the skin and restore firmness, and can be expected to have effects such as whitening and improving rough skin. Slimming is a treatment to make the body thin using massage and the latest machines. Hair removal uses wax, laser, or light to remove unwanted hair from the arms and legs. Recently, aroma and relaxation are increasing. It has the synergistic effect of relaxing the mind and making the inside and body more beautiful, and the number of repeaters is increasing. The interior of the shop has a relaxed atmosphere, and the visual olfaction gives a comprehensive presentation.

There are also salons dealing with foreign beauty treatment methods such as Korea, China, Bali, India, and even England. If you want to learn about foreign beauty salons and learn about them, please inquire or check with the salon. Please have a strong will to open and manage an esthetic salon and have a specialized field.
The key to success in opening an esthetic salon is establishing a target group

Target target
I was very interested in beauty salons, so I also went to beauty salon. One of them was my favorite salon, but when I thought about going there, there was no shop anymore. Whether you have money or not, women are particularly interested in beauty. Not to mention that kind of thing, when I was a student with no money, when I was a member of society and had some money to use to some extent, I went to an esthetic clinic even if the situation was different.

Now, with the opening of beauty salons where there is intense competition, I think the key to success is being able to establish the target group in this way. Cheap shops are so cheap that customers are wondering if the shops will be profitable, but there is enough power to attract customers. In the meantime, the more customers we gather, the more we plan to make a profit. Even a pocket money student who doesn't have money can go to the salon with a large number of students. In such a case, it is better to focus on service rather than expensive equipment and cosmetics, and it is also good to have a luxurious feeling when dealing with working people who have money. However, I think that this sense of luxury is also necessary. There used to be a shop like this near my house, but because it is not a high-class residential area, it was shunned by housewives, and it was a salon where opening hours and days of the week seemed difficult for employees to attend. It's been a year since the store opened, and the stores have run out, so I think it's important to make decisions about this area.
Differentiating from other stores is the key to the successful opening of a beauty salon.

Uniqueness different from other stores is important
The beauty salons industry is highly competitive, but if you open a beauty salon, the results will differ greatly depending on whether you want to differentiate from other stores. Yes, this distinction is the key to success. This is because the authority of a certain beauty salon was talking in a magazine, so I think there is no mistake. Certainly, when you think of it as a customer's point of view, a shop that deals with anything is a great store. However, conversely, it also means that there is no featured product. Therefore, even if you jump in at first, when you go to the next place, it often goes to another shop. However, the score of the service is low, but if the contents are substantial, the probability of becoming a repeater is high.

For example, suppose you want to lose weight and want to go to a beauty salon. At first, I would like to jump into a place that makes me lose weight, but I suppose that the salon I went to was specialized in small-faced facials. Even if I hadn't imagined it, the effect was great when I tried it. And there's no other place that specializes in small face facials. So I go to that store. It can be the contents of the treatment, the staff's service, the interior of the shop, or more, the location. It will be difficult for us to survive in this industry if we try to create an attractiveness that is different from other stores and that you can only go there.
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