Women since generations ago, have been told to be polite, ladylike, calm and collected and in the midst of struggle to rise above and push through. But what’s the definition of pushing through? Some people are content to spend hours rationalising whether their anger, frustration or sadness is constructive in their attempts to be “emotionally intelligent” or “enlightened”. For these people, it’s all about being more peaceful. So in our quest to not explode from the stress which occurs in our daily lives, we step over all the things which annoy us and swallow our anger and frustration in our attempt to not be written off as overly emotional or dramatic or (let it be said) ‘unreasonable’. There have been several books on the topic of rationalising away our emotions and how everyone should just practice being a little bit more reserved or peaceful in life.

The sad fact is that research by renowned scientist Dr. Candice Pert PHD has shown that our brain and rational mind CANNOT control our emotions. Swallowing back your emotions in all the things that happen every single day VS. actually feeling those emotions and having a right to your emotions is causing an epidemic of stress-related illnesses in the UK. Your fatter bum, stress lines on your forehead, general morose feeling of resignation and even your feelings of gloom are to do with the fact that you are just SO DAMN SUPPRESSED.
If you suppress your anger, your frustration or your sadness – you also suppress your joy, your happiness and your fulfillment. Human beings don’t have a ‘dial’ which enables us to only express the emotions we would like to express. Emotions just ARRIVE and if you ignore them or suppress them, you kill off pieces of yourself in each moment you choose to rationalise an emotion.

We’ve had a crazy idea and it has been a massive success! TANTRUM CLUB!
What is it?

Tantrum Club a club for women to release their emotions in an awesome way and in a healthy environment. We do all kinds of activities, Scream, shout, rant, rave jump up and down like lunatics and take to bashing the living daylights out of sandbags and blocks of ice with baseball bats! So basically have a fantastic time while releasing all the things that have been waiting to explode out! It’s a place to let your emotions out, and gives you the opportunity to be self expressed. We understand that we are much better off for it once we are all raged out! Expressing one’s emotions in this way can be cathartic and provided you understand what happened afterwards, it’s a great version of expressing your emotions VS. trying to intellectualise them. Research has shown that anger management therapy focused on talking ABOUT your anger VS. just expressing it in a healthy ethical way – is not as effective.

Additionally, depression is just long term suppression. So as the famous saying says, “Its better out than in” that couldn’t ring more true and we couldn’t recommend enough how Tantrum club is that awesome way for you to be you and come have some fun with other woman in exactly the same boat and come and let rage.
Tantrum club has been a Massive success with features in the national press including a great article in the Mirror. Women all around are going crazy (literally…) for this idea and great day out with the girls. So join Tantrum Club, find out what it’s all about, there are events happening all around London each one an opportunity to FIND YOUR VOICE AGAIN, and be welcomed with support while you throw your tantrum. You deserve it.

And Check out the science behind it! It’s not just fun but it’s scientifically a great idea as well! See why…

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Adèle Théron – Author, Change specialist, Family Mediator and Divorce Angel – has an 11 year career in helping people cope with change. She started off in the corporate world helping people adapt to new situations and experiences created by mergers, acquisitions and large software implementations. The change techniques she created have helped thousands of people in 18 global companies worldwide. When she herself experienced a divorce in 2009, she realised that no structured processes existed to help people cope with divorce and she used her change management techniques to develop a revolutionary systemized process called the naked divorce for healing from divorce within 21 steps. Adèle has worked with professional men, women and couples as a family mediator, divorce coach and divorce program trainer, helping people heal from break ups, separations and divorce. Today countless people depend on her process to help them heal from divorce. ;