About Sri Lanka World Heritage Sites

Sri Lanka is a land where ancient civilizations, natural assets, and modern day wonders live in harmony. This is well demonstrated by the many wonders which can be witnessed all over the island. Out of all the wonders, places like Sigiriya, Kandy, Dambulla and some others, definitely stand out as great locations. This is because they hold immense value to the entire world. It is because of this immense value that they have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka. The following demonstrate the types of Sri Lanka World Heritage Sites.

  • 6 world heritage sites of Sri Lanka recognized for their historical value including Sigiriya, Kandy, Anuradhapura and Dambulla
  • 2 world heritage sites recognized for their natural value

Introducing Some Sri Lanka World Heritage Sites

Gaining so many titles of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka have by no means been an easy task. But after the identification of the great value behind these locations, securing the title was no difficult at all. The best example of this is the mighty rock fortress Sigiriya. Once chosen as a kingdom for the great king Kasyapa, the construction of this site still baffles engineers and architects to date. The beautiful water gardens which still function today, the beautiful mirror wall, the ancient paintings of Sigiri frescoes which can stood the test of time and the great lion gate are some of the key highlights which draw counts of visitors every year.

Located nearby are the ancient rock cave temples of Dambulla. The discovery of these temples led to this little country once again rising to fame as being home to yet another priceless wonder of the world. There are over 80 documented caves in the area, and the quiet surroundings make it a great place for visitors to witness the wonders of the construction, painting and statues which mostly depict the life of Lord Buddha.

Also worth the mention is the lovely city of Kandy. This city has been immensely popular in the island for centuries. Dating back centuries ago, this was the location of the last kingdom of the ancient nation. Till today, the historic value is widely on display through the key attraction the Temple of the Tooth which is part of the royal palace complex. The entire area is decorated by beautiful natural landscapes which make a trip to the location extremely rewarding.

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