I was wondering how to build my blog 2 years ago. I tried to create several blogs for trial and error. I experimented a lot of themes in blogger. I tried hard to tweak the default template by browsing for some helpful tutorials already available that time. Today is just the perfect time to write a journal about it for you as my valued readers. There are several SEO enthusiast out there who are not familiar about the basic of blog tweaking and designing.

I am excited to tell you several hints on how to become self-taught web designers. How I learned a lot from reading and experimenting? How I did that without spending a dime? This article has a dual purpose – to inform you the secret to start right away, and to start it free!

Why is it important for a blogger to learn about web-designing?

As a blogger, you should be flexible and willing to venture out things that will help you become a web-master. So, why it is important? Does quality entails professional blog design too? Yes. Quality is both judged inside and outside.

Your traffic – readers and visitors will look at your design. Is your header attractive and tells a clear message to your audience? Is the site easy to navigate? Do you have an interactive menu? Do you have an organized sidebar? Do you have a nice post template? These are just few questions you should answer so that you will know whether you need to learn about designing or hire someone to do it for you.

Why is it advantageous to learn the basic and the advance aspects of web-designing than to outsource it?

  1. Cost free. It’s taking advantage of the available and helpful tutorials already published on the web. You need to know that there are geeks out there who are always willing to impart their knowledge to their readers free of charge.
  2. If you are a beginner, if it's your first time to create your own blog, it’s better to learn a little about blog design and how HTML works, that is to save money for hiring someone to fix something for you. I perform this kind of services for my clients but I encourage you to try.
  3. Safety. It's always safe this way. You don't have to share you information to people whom you've just met on screen.

Why it is also practical to hire somebody or freelancer to do the blog design for you?

You can concentrate on providing quality contents for your readers. Learning this skills is not a prerequisite though. Of course you can be a successful blogger and make money blogging if you set this thing aside. If you opt to continue writing, improving your skills in SEO and different aspects than to learn how to tweak your blog design and to let someone take care of your blog feel and look is not wrong.

Many successful bloggers out there has purchased a professional theme all set for blogging. They have also hired an experienced web-designer to polish their designs, provided you have the budget. However, if you are still on a stage of trial and error, opt to use all the free stuff and learn it by yourself. You can also join forums to ask for help, or comments on some tutorials to ask the assistance of the author.

What are some disadvantages of learning to blog design?

As an intro to blog designing, I would also highlight some disadvantage/cons of learning how to become a self-taught web-designer.

  1. Waste of time. While you can start writing great and quality contents, you might get stranded along the way. Learning and playing with codes/HTML is addicting. You will find yourself tweaking and experimenting the same codes all over again and forget to write for your audience.
  2. Frequent change of your theme. Once you have already visitors reading your posts, it is destructing for them to see frequent changes to your blog design or blog interface such as the formatting and style of your post template and sidebar.

Make a schedule for learning how to design your blog to properly make use your time.

As I said, learning how to tweak your blog template whether you are using blogger, wordpress, typad or other blogging platforms is really good for you. You can save a lot of money from hiring someone when you decide to get serious with blogging as you can fix and tweak your own blog. Nevertheless, it will also consume you precious time instead of providing quality contents for readers. So, let's figure out when is the perfect time to learn how to blog design.

  1. Make a proper schedule. The best time to learn how to design your blog is the stage where you are still on the process of deciding what to do or write. If you are still not sure what niche you will focus on writing, you can opt to learn how to tweak some of the default themes instead. You can divide your time in tweaking, playing some codes and looking for the best keywords for your niche.
  2. In that light, it's clear that it's good to learn how to tweak your own blog design when you are still not able to write several posts or articles for your readers. Website owners set time to officially launch their sites right? So tweaking your blog can be best performed during the pre-launch where you can change the look and feel of your blog anytime you want. When you already have regular visitors, do not change your theme frequently to avoid destructing your readers. Give them a professional and stable environment.
  3. To help stick with your plan is to make an editorial calendar. This is a very useful tool to record and track all your activities through weeks and months. You can use Microsoft excel or Open Office Spreadsheet, if you have an account with Gmail you can take advantage to use the Google Spreadsheet located in your drive and start from there. You can update your editorial calendar wherever you are. You can design your calendar whatever you like as long as it's organized with dates, particulars, task for the day, remarks, etc. Use some tables to emphasize each subject.

What's next?

I will give to you a good list of tools and free resources where to practice or get information to learn how to tweak and design your blog perfect for all available blogging platforms today. For the main time, check w3schools.com and educate yourself!

Author's Bio: 

Prime Aque is a blogger, SEO enthusiast, freelance writer and self-taught web-designer! He is blogging at COD, his official blog, about making money online. He believed that anyone can make money online from the comfort of ones living room with determination and patience. He also gave importance to a professional blog design as an important part for making money blogging. Visit http://www.cashoutdecently.com/ to know more about his stuff. Follow him at twitter at @Welearn4life, or add him at your circles at Prime Aque on G+.