Chakras are defined as the focal points that help in revitalizing energy. There are many who know about this pretty well and many others who are totally absent minded on this concept. These focal points greatly affect our lives and helps in getting the best if focused onto them.
The origin of the word ‘Chakra’ is from the Sanskrit word that means ‘Energy’. Even though it is connected with the Hindu faith, energy is known to be a universal force and it is same and possessed by every single individual irrespective of religion or sex. Many of us have unaligned chakras and working on them will benefit you in different ways. To start with chakra meditation, you need to know the functioning of your chakras and the location too.

Two vital points where your chakras are placed include heart and head. The chakra energy is controlled by the organs situated in these regions and thus affected by their chakra. You can cite seven chakras in the human body.
The first chakra known as the root chakra is located at the spine base and it greatly corresponds to our body and the relationship of us to it. It is colored in red and aids in understanding the connection with the world outside.
The second chakra is situated in the lower abdomen known as the Navel Chakra. The color given to this chakra is orange and it corresponds to the attraction and lust including love, sex, pleasure, giving and receiving as well as the feeling of harmony, generosity, selflessness and some other creative acts.

The third chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra and is located beneath the chest adjacent to diaphragm. It corresponds to our ability and will to alter and transform. It is represent in yellow color and also works over ego and also is the source of self discipline.
The fifth Chakra is located between the sternum and chin and is known as Throat Chakra. It corresponds to communication and pretends to make us understand or convey truth, wisdom and kindness giving the power of speech. It is represented in sky blue.

Sixth Chakra or the Brow Chakra as it is called is located between the eyebrows. It is indicated in color indigo and corresponds to intuition, imagination, and insight and also helps to look into your own soul. It is also known as the ‘Third Eye’.
The final Chakra is the Crown Chakra and is situation on top of the head that has direct connection with the mind and spirit. It helps to relate us to consciousness and is represented in violet color.

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