The rapid growth of the online business trend is demanding new inventive solutions that serve organizations. For every work, there is a need for software or an app, so why not there should be something to manage your contracts.

The number of contracts becomes challenging to handle at the same time, especially when your business expands. Performing tasks manually is a hectic job when the contractor is from another country. Acknowledging this need, Converge Point came up with the Contract Management System.

Handling business data and its sensitive information are an enormous and a magnanimous task, and it requires to be equipped with compatible and competent software, Contract Management Software enables you with the best features ranging from contract requests, obligations, schedules. It provides a compact solution to the users’ requests. One of the best features of Contract Management Software is that it saves the user their time on lengthy processes of compiling data, renewing and ratifying documents,

Contract lifecycle Management System

Converge Point management software centralizes the whole project with all the elements required on Microsoft-Share Point platforms. Through our software, it becomes easy for your legal team to track upon contracts. The software provides updates and notifies at every step. It includes the expiry date of an agreement, renewal, amendments, and other details that are important for your business.

Advantages of our Contract Management Software

Easily Manageable

Our contract software is powered by Microsoft Share Point, which makes it the Best Contract Management Software. You can easily manage your files under MS Office, Exchange, Outlook, and Active Directory.

Easily Accessible

You do not have to go through bundles and bundles of files to check a specific contract. With our software, every document can be accessed easily on a single click. The software itself arranges all the settlements in a way that whenever you need to have a look, you find no difficulty going through it.


With our contract management software, all your official information is reliable. It does not allow the third party to access without permission. We make sure that only the right people can see and approve the contracts.

How do you function on the Management Software?


First of all, you create your contracts on the software. For that, you need to upload legal documents and all the relevant details of your deals.


Manage your contacts through Microsoft Share Point Platforms.


Whenever you need a renewal, the software will notify you.

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