Getting to grips with a new ERP system can seem overwhelming. Learning how to find your way around it and what different areas do is a great way to familiarise yourself with the solution. Our walkthrough videos will give you a broad introduction to Dynamics 365 Business Central l and some of its features.

Role Centre Overview:
The Role Centre is the hub of your Dynamics 365 Business Central System. In this video, find out what the fast tabs, quick links, actions, and activities do, how to navigate back to the Role Centre from various pages, and an overview of the customisable sections on the page.

Navigating around Business Central:
The majority of navigation you are likely to do in Dynamics 365 Business Central will be performed via the Role Centre. In this video, the Search function - 'Tell Me What You Want To Do' - is demonstrated as a handy tool to find your way around your Business Central solution.

List Pages:
List pages are the answer to surfing data in large amounts in your Dynamics 365 Business Central system. In this video, discover the ways you can explore your lists and how to find out the data around them.

Card Pages:
Card pages in Dynamics 365 Business Central give an overview of the relevant list item selected. This video shows how they can help users navigate information related to the customer or item.

Keep an eye out for the next videos in the series, where we'll cover importing into Business Central, common error messages and how to deal with them.

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Terrance is a business consultant and content strategist.