Even a minor pain like a headache or a pain due to some injury or sprain makes our life miserable even if it stays for a day or few. Imagine the life of those living with lifetime pain and discomforts due to a disease or condition, can't even think about it? Well, thankfully there's a non-invasive solution to this and that is IFT Physiotherapy.

IFT Physiotherapy Treatment

A clinically approved treatment modality, IFT that stands for Interferential Therapy, is a highly recommended and practiced therapy by physiotherapists and pain specialists for treating muscle spasms and strains since many years now. It is a drug-free, non-invasive promotion of healing and pain relief which now comes infused in a small, portable and handy device with multiple interferential modes and other settings that is capable of delivering ‘proper’ IFT machine for physiotherapy.

How does interferential therapy work?

Whereas TENS Units delivers periodic electric pulses to stimulate surface nerves and block the pain signal, IFT Physiotherapy Equipment transmits a continuous stimulation deep into the affected tissue thereby blocking the pain signals and reducing swelling and inflammation which causes pain. They also stimulate the secretion of endorphins, the body's natural pain relievers and aid in relaxing strained muscles and promoting soft-tissue healing.

How to use IFT Physiotherapy Machine?

Interferential Therapy utilizes the significant physiological effects of low frequency (<250pps) electrical stimulation of nerves. The self-adhesive electrodes are placed on the affected area and the upon setting the required interferential mode on it, the interferential current device then starts emitting electrical impulses which are penetrated deep into the skin. The underlying tissue and nerves beneath the skin get stimulated which then begin the healing process. The impulses feel like a minor prickle on the skin and leave no side effects behind.

Interferential current therapy contraindications

It is advisable to avoid IFT Therapy if you have any of the following;

Arterial disease
Deep vein thrombosis
Infective condition
Pregnant uterus
Danger of haemorrhage
During menstruation
Febrile condition
Large open wounds
Unreliable patient
Dermatological condition

Benefits of IFT Physiotherapy

IFT Physiotherapy uses is extremely in;

increasing blood circulation
reducing pain, and inflammation
curing oedema and hematoma
removing waste substances from the affected area
increasing muscle stimulation
Increasing metabolic rate
decreasing blood pressure
treating chronic ligamentous lesions
improving restricted movements of joints
restoring the lost movement of muscles

In a nutshell

The deep penetration of Interferential Therapy signals works in a ‘special way’ because it is ‘interferential’ as opposed to ‘normal’ stimulation and hence is effective in its own way. It is known for its versatility in treating diverse symptoms, accelerating the healing process and restoring normal movement and when combined with other treatment modalities like TENS machine or EMS, it can double the process of healing of the affected area extremely well. If you want to gain the benefit of IFT physiotherapy machine at home along with other treatment modalities, then you must check out Combo3 Plus – TENS, EMS & IFT Multi-Stimulator and see for yourself.

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