Being an open source, Perl programming is major to be used in all sectors of software development. Although PHP dominates the 'P' in LAMP, Python and Perl programming are also often used. Larry introduced Perl and released it to the Usenet community. Soon he started receiving feedback from the users. Perl reached the standard where Larry had never expected. It grew and grew and became a competent scripting language across the globe.

How is Perl maintained? We have seen a huge Perl development community, which widely introduces new functionalities and helps newbie learn the language. The scripting language is maintained by this community such that, if you encounter a bug and upload it, your bug is fixed free of cost through various Perl programmers. The community is vigilant about developing and maintaining Perl. Its newer versions are highly advanced and don't need a lot of effort; rather, it allows a lot of surfing time as Perl can be leveraged really high.

Introduction to Perl

Perl is a scripting language, which means Perl programs can be written on simple text files and can be executed on any machine that has installed Perl. Although the language is highly associated with Linux and Unix (because it comes bundles with Linux and Unix operating systems), it just does fine on Windows environment. This makes it unique and capable of running in every environment.

People starting with Perl must know that a Perl script written on their computer will probably work with another computer loaded with Perl interpreter irrespective of which operating system the computer is running on. This makes Perl portable and widely accepted language. Perl and Python are also widely used in Medicine and Biology.

Learning Perl Development

Perl is mostly fast and there is almost nothing that you cannot do with Perl. Is it easy or difficult? The appropriate answer would be that it's easy to program and difficult to learn. It fills the gap between low-level, better called as complex programming, and high-level or slow and limited programming. Perl programmers can write fast, yet, easy-to-understand codes.

Learning Perl is little difficult as it allows shorter ways to write optimized codes. It introduces a convenient way of writing programs, so that the Perl programmers can save time. However, writing an optimized code in short needs a deep understanding of command logic and language syntax resulting in extra learning time. However, Perl once learned is for lifetime. Various languages like Python and others run on similarly code structure.

Perl is very high-level language. The code is dense but faster to write, read, debug and maintain. Begin with writing a line or two of codes on a Perl installed machine and watch it building for itself. On learning Perl programming, you won't take long to get a hang of writing concise codes and deliver one-up solutions that can be carried forward for your next development. Its portability and readiness allows you reuse the modules already created.

It is impossible to predict the future king of languages; however, it is simple to know that the ghosts of Perl programming in the form of syntax or command-logic will follow at least till a decade.

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