Selenium is an open source innovation for mechanizing program based applications. Selenium is anything but difficult to begin with for basic practical testing of a Web application.

Selenium is an arrangement of various programming instruments each with an alternate way to deal with supporting test robotization. Most Selenium QA Engineers concentrate on the maybe a couple devices that most address the issues of their task, however adapting every one of the apparatuses will give you a wide range of alternatives for moving toward various test mechanization issues. The whole suite of apparatuses brings about a rich arrangement of testing capacities particularly adapted to the necessities of testing of web utilizations of various kinds. These operations are profoundly adaptable, permitting numerous choices for finding UI components and looking at expected test comes about against genuine application conduct.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a free (open source) computerized testing suite for web applications crosswise over various programs and stages. It is very like HP Quick Test Pro (QTP now UFT) just that Selenium concentrates on robotizing online applications. Testing done utilizing Selenium device is generally alluded as Selenium Testing.
Selenium isn't only a solitary apparatus yet a suite of software's, each taking into account distinctive testing needs of an association. It has four parts.
• Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
• Selenium Remote Control (RC)
• WebDriver
• Selenium Grid

Brief Introduction Selenium IDE

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is the least complex structure in the Selenium suite and is the most straightforward one to learn. It is a Firefox module that you can introduce as effectively as you can with different modules. In any case, as a result of its effortlessness, Selenium IDE should just be utilized as a prototyping device. In the event that you need to make further developed experiments, you should utilize either Selenium RC or WebDriver.

Brief Introduction WebDriver

The Web Driver ends up being superior to both Selenium IDE and Selenium RC in numerous viewpoints. It actualizes a more current and stable approach in robotizing the program's activities. Web Driver, not at all like Selenium RC, does not depend on JavaScript for Automation. It controls the program by specifically speaking with it.
Brief Introduction Selenium Remote Control (Selenium RC)
Selenium RC was the leader testing structure of the entire Selenium venture for quite a while. This is the primary computerized web testing device that enabled clients to utilize a programming dialect they lean toward.
• Java
• C#
• Python
• Perl
• Ruby

There are others instrument which can be utilized to computerize both web applications and windows applications like QTP (Quick Test Professional) . As everybody mindful that QTP is Licensed Tool AND Selenium is Open source device, download it arranges it and appreciate.

This is the fundamental motivation behind why a large portion of the organizations pick Selenium apparatus at whatever point they need to robotize Web applications
As a novice, on the off chance that you need to learn selenium, it isn't that troublesome, you simply begin utilizing Selenium IDE which is a Firefox module, used to record and play the content. Selenium Training In Bangalore. This is only for training, and you can figure out how the orders that are utilized to run the content in IDE.
In any case, recollect IDE itself isn't sufficient for compelling experiment composing/scripting. Since it doesn't bolster circling ideas and you can't redo it for your requirements.
Now of time, you can begin utilizing Webdriver with the programming dialect that you are agreeable with. We favor Java as it is from long time in the business and there are numerous online discussions which offers help to Webdriver with Java.

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