Everything is energy. Everything vibrates. That may sound strange, but think about it for a minute. We are accustomed to looking at things and people as having a solid form. A desk is solid. A car is solid. By the movement we can see the visible expression of energy. If you look a little deeper, however you realize that everything is built up by molecules— molecules by atoms, then atoms are made of protons, electrons and neutrons. Protons are positive loaded and electrons are negative loaded. Between them there is an innate attraction. The protons with the neutrons give mass to the atom and form the core. Electrons circle the core by attraction. And this gives the vibration to the atom. Now let’s get back to a bigger vision of energy. On the most basic level, atoms create vibration. But what has the attraction between a proton and electron have to do with our life?

It has been proven that protons are influenced by DNA. Protons put together in a vacuum tube with organic tissue with its DNA will take over the order of the DNA. The protons are aligned to the DNA. That means that DNA influences the environment, or to put it differently, the environment takes over the vibration of the DNA. Each kind of vibration has a frequency. Like vibrations attract each other. This is, in short, how the way the Law of Attraction works. So how do we use this information then?

You need to know what exactly you want to influence in your environment. You need to know what it is that you want to be able to bring it to your life via attraction.

Your emotions give the vibration, or the power, to attract what you want. The more you feel about what you want the stronger, and quicker, you attract it. Here’s an example:

Let’s say Martha wants a new car. The reality is so do a lot of people. It doesn’t mean much when you “want” something. The world is full of people who want things. Martha should task herself with a few things like coming up with exactly what type of car she wants. Look at car magazines and put together the exact car she wants to bring into her life. Schedule test drives at the dealerships that have her car. The point is to create as much emotional energy as possible to get things going. Martha needs to not just sit around being one of the millions of people out there who “want” things but have no clue how to get them. She needs to incite as much emotional attachment and energy as she can and focus it on her goal of a new car. Remember the proton/neutron/electron info above? That’s what she needs. To get every bit of her core being focused on her goal of having the dream Car X she wants. Then she acts in alignment with that.

To make anything manifest you have to find that emotional high that you get when trying to reach it. Like a little kid who wants a bike for Christmas...you can see their anticipation as they wait for the day to come. You have to get yourself to that kind of emotional attachment and joy at having it. That is what communicates to the Universe that you want something. Once you do that, protons and electrons start spinning and soon enough, you’ll see evidence that what you want is on its way!

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Anya Dee is a Chicago-based Life Coach who works with the Law of Attraction. She has over ten years of experience in the field of self-improvement and helps others to focus on what they want and then achieve it through visualization, action steps and purpose. For more information on the Law of Attraction look at http://www.thesgrprogram.com/?m=4a18bf3099c92 or for information on Inspirational/Motivational Coaching visit www.mycoachanya.com.