Introductions Please

I would like to introduce you to an amazing person. This person is a wonderful human being and is full of love, intelligence and strength. The extent of their worth is unimaginable. The possibilities of what this person can do are endless. To look within them is to see perfection, unlimited potential and awesome creativity. There is no obstacle too great for them to accomplish and no mountain can stop them from reaching their goals. This amazing person has the ability to create the life they want by simply thinking about it. This person is definitely someone you want on your side throughout the day; and they are willing to be there for you at all times.
Now, go look in the mirror, look deep into the eyes that are looking back at you and say hello to the person I just described. This is your truth, the authentic you, and there is so much more than what I just described, all of it awesome. Spend a moment and look deep into your eyes and connect with your heart. Stare into your eyes until you feel an emotional shift. Whatever you feel while doing this is exactly what it needs to be, just make the connection.
Check out this story:
A man was walking along his path in life and came upon a wall. The wall was huge, tall enough to block out the sun and long enough to reveal no way around, yet to continue his journey he had to make it beyond as the path resumed on the other side.
As he stared up at this seemingly insurmountable obstacle, his insecurities, fears, illusions and limiting beliefs began mounting an attack on his essence, the part of him that is whole, authentic and unlimited.
At first a sense of panic began churning in his stomach and threatened to rise to the surface. He had traveled so long to get to this point. He had overcome so many obstacles and trials, yet, he prevailed and here he was; facing another even bigger wall.
As he stood at the base of the wall his disappointment played out and he began worrying about what everyone would say about him, what they would think and how they would react towards him. How could he react to them? How could he hold his head up when facing them again? How could he prevent being ridiculed?
He began feeling sorry for himself and his “poor me” drama told him that he was pitiful, weak and useless. If pitiful enough, people would just feel sorry for him and maybe not think too much about his failure. He shook off the “poor me” drama just in time for his “intimidator” drama to take over and he began naming people he could blame for his failure. After all, it was their fault that he failed and he needed to go on the offensive. If strong enough, they would not be able to retaliate. Shaking this drama from his head he began to feel yet another drama, “The interrogator”. When this drama took over, rapid fire questions, much like the Spanish inquisition, spewed from his mouth without him even fully realizing what he was saying. He was not looking for answers; this was just a milder form of blaming everyone else. It also did not give anyone an opportunity to mention his failure.
He began questioning why he should get to the other side. What was so important for him to have over there? His life had been clipping along just fine, what was wrong with him that made it necessary for him to break through this wall and continue this path.
His ego had just taken over and wanted him to remain right where he is in life. His ego wanted him to stay tucked away in his comfort zone; no changes are necessary there. Change for the better is the enemy of the ego as it causes the ego to lose its control.
The ego developed when he was a child as a protector of sorts. Little things happened that caused him to think less of himself. Different situations taught him that he was not good enough or strong enough so he mistakenly learned he was weak and bad. When similar situations came up, the ego would tell him, “don’t try that, and remember last time and the mess you made of the situation”. The simple act of dad telling him ”no” when he got too close to the street as a toddler was interpreted as he was bad, stupid, wrong, broken, and more. He accepted the lie as his truth and believed the illusions of his weakness. With each new instance, even extremely small and insignificant instances, a little more of his essence was covered.
Curiosity about the other side of the wall began eating at him as he struggled to figure out what to do. The “knowing” that he should get over the wall nagged at him long enough he knew he had to at least check out what waited on the other side. Using the first tool he could find, a simple rock, he began chipping away at the wall and realized that it was only a few inches thick and soon he had a peep hole to look through. What seemed in all appearances and ego based feelings to be huge and daunting was nowhere near as bad as he had imagined.
The amazing beauty and awesomeness he saw through that tiny hole proved that, yes, he must get to the other side. The other side was his only path to the incredible life that he must live. With each tiny chip, the truth of his journey revealed more and more of itself. This was the only way he could possibly be the man he was born to be.

Like the man in our story, we all have an ego. This mistaken belief in our identity causes us to cover-up our essence and put on masks to hide. We may have one mask to use around our family, one that we show at work and one that we show while out in public. Our authentic self is hidden most of the time behind the wall of shame we created that now prevents us from moving to our ultimate life.
The wall represents the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and our abilities; the muck, if you will, that covers our essence…the wall is Our Ego. Find the crack, the peep hole and get a glimpse of your essence. You too will see that you have no choice but to live from essence. You find your power, your gifts, your amazing abilities and your awesomeness here. Your truth and your authenticity are your essence.
An easy indicator of whether your ego is in control or not is described in this story. The times the ego is offering a solution, even if it sounds good, is based on what other people think. The one and only thing that will work to move you closer to authenticity and your ultimate life is to focus on your essence, listen and feel what is it telling you to do?
So you cannot find the peep hole… no worries, pick a trait that you most want to have within you. Pretend for a moment that you have it, what does it feel like, how would you use it, and how will people respond to you when you use it? Keep pretending, see it, hear it, feel it… know it, choose it and claim it as yours. It is your truth; if you can simply imagine it, it is yours. Use it a few times today and then tomorrow use it a few more times and continue. When you feel comfortable and buy into this being yours, imagine another trait you would like to have and repeat the process. Each of these steps are ways to chip away at the ego, the wall, which is covering your essence.
See the awesomeness of your essence. This is the real you, this is who I introduced you to earlier. You are this person, these are your truths. Accept it as your truth and claim it as your essence. Your authentic self is amazing.
When you are in your essence, living your authentic self, you are in a flow that is identified by the peace you feel no matter what is going on around you.
Go to the mirror and meet you. Get to know you now; you are so cool and so worth knowing.

Kenny Brixey

Author's Bio: 

Life Coach, author, seminar leader, team development facilitator, speaker

In each of these venues, Kenny has one goal, to assist people in bridging the gapbetween their current reality and their ultimate life.