For years I have been guided by my intuition which I used to think of as a “gut” feeling. I now realize it is much more than that and in fact it isn’t from the “gut” at all but from the very air we breathe.

When we are living authentically and on purpose we develop certain” muscles” that inform us of the energy around us and we can react or respond to those energies in ways that serve us or not. We can make a choice based on that energy.

So in essence, what I am saying is that intuition is a form of energy that we all have. We also have the power to strengthen that energy by constant awareness and application. You may remember a time when you were shopping and something seemed to jump out at you from the shelves and you ignored it only to find out when you got home that you really needed that item to cook the dish you were planning for dinner.

That is a simplified version of not following your intuition. Begin to practice using your intuition on a daily basis and watch in delight at how things begin to change for you. With my background in fitness I refer to this as calisthenics for the Spirit.

Intuition is also an important factor when making decisions in our lives. Big or small, decisions are what our lives are made up of. By following our intuition and not ignoring the signals that the Universe is sending us will lead us to our true direction, even though our left brain may be screaming at us to think again or take a step backwards. Over time we begin to tune in and recognize the difference between a true intuition and a watered down version which may show up as a should or a could. We then become much more decisive and in action which leads to more productivity and better and bigger results in our lives. This is what many call “success”.

Success of course means many different things depending on who we are speaking to. What we are interested in here though is the energy and intuition aspect of success. When our main source of energy derives from intuitive sources we find that we are pulled forward rather than having to struggle to push ourselves to gain the success we might crave in whatever areas we may be focused on. We become inspired by our intuition which then motivates us into action.

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser said “life wasn’t meant to be easy”. I disagree entirely with Mr Fraser. I believe that life was not only meant to be easy but also fun, adventure-filled and exciting. I also believe life is meant to be joy-full and that is a choice we make every day.

We all have “stuff” happen in our lives and how we deal with it is the basis of how we experience life. It is not what happens to us but rather our perception and response that defines our character and life experiences. This is another time when intuition plays a part in our decision making. The more comfortable we become listening to our “inner voice” the more adept we become at handling the big decisions that life lays on our doorstep.

The next time you have a major decision to make (or even a smaller one)just sit quietly for a few moments breathing softly and allowing your inner decision maker to tune in and give you the guidance that will help you decide your best way forward. You cannot force this, so don’t try and if nothing happens, that’s fine. Try again the next time. You will get better at this with practice. It all begins with your willingness to access your true path and listen to it as it guides you to live your most authentic life.

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Joan Bell is the Action Queen with a heart. She is the perfect combination of practical application and spiritual observance.

Joan is a certified coach and fitness professinal living a life she loves in Australia with her partner of 23 years and coaches to anywhere in the world. Joan has clients in the US, Ireland and Europe.

If you want a no-nonsense, fun, focused yet edgy coaching style that will get you RESULTS - you wll want her on your team.

Joan helps spirited women (and some men)turn their wildest (and scariest) dreams into reality.

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