What do I do now? Many ask themselves this question when they are presented with a new challenge to which they must respond. And many go to the well of their intuition to ask for an immediate answer to this important question: what do I do now?

Adjust Your Attitude

But how do you do that? How do you go about getting useful guidance from your intuition just when you need it? Throughout history people have enjoyed the benefits of receiving useful information from their intuition just when they needed it simply by asking for it in the right way.

The historical inner voice literature suggests that a proven method of accessing your intuition is to first recall that you have received creative insights from time to time in the past and are able to again. A great lawyer friend of mine would repeat silently to himself before his oral arguments, “Lips, don’t fail me now.” This was his light-hearted way of adjusting his attitude by recalling his access to the creativity and intuition that had served him so well so many times in the past.

Research and Formulate Your Question

The next step is to research the subject at hand and to formulate a question about what you really want to know. Do you know as much as you can at this point about the subject so that your intuition has something to work with? Once the research is done, what do you really need to know from your intuition to respond to the challenge presented? Formulate that question. Then ask it expecting an answer.

Ask Your Question with Desire, Expectancy, and Belief

How do you ask your question expecting an answer from your inner voice? There are three elements to it: desire, expectancy, and belief.

The desire element is simply that you sincerely seek an answer to your question. You express that sincerity by researching the subject, by formulating your best question, by needing an answer to guide your actions, and by wanting that answer to come from the wisdom within.

The expectancy element is your recognition that you have received useful positive inspiration from within in the past and that you therefore have every reason to anticipate that you will receive a useful answer to the question you are now asking your inner voice. You honor this expectancy by listening intently and patiently for an answer, by paying attention to whatever comes, and by seriously considering acting on any answer you do receive.

The final element is belief. If you can believe at least 51% that you will get a useful answer to your question, you likely will. As Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” How to get to the 51% belief level? Think of all of the situations in your work in which you were presented with a problem that you didn’t initially know how to solve. In how many of those situations were you completely stumped and never able to solve the problem? Likely on very few occasions, and certainly far less than 51% of the time.

Try It

So, when you want intuition on demand, first do the research and formulate a question about what you really want to know. Then, ask your question expecting an answer with desire, expectancy, and belief.

Try it! You’ll be amazed at the results.

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Jim Wawro, Author, Ask Your Inner Voice (http://amzn.to/ckWgWh). While trying cases as an international lawyer, I discovered that some people have learned the secret to actively calling on inspiration whenever they need it. My books reveal the proven methods used by history's greats and regular people alive today for actively tapping into the wisdom that resides within you. Learn more at my website http://www.ActivateIntuition.com. Please share your reactions to this article in the comment box below.