This passage from an angel reading I channeled for someone in 2009. I am reprinting it, since it has Universal information which was meant to be shared.

The most successful people, the most confident ones use intuitive knowing, as success is more defined by connection with source than material possessions, although the two can certainly co-exist, one does not cancel out the other. Many humans think that if they lost control for a minute, life will crash upon them. This can’t be further from truth. When you allow the inner knowing to show into your heart, decisions are made with knowing, inner guidance, and less will and thought energy, which often leads humans astray. The thinking mind is merely the computer. The true hard drive is God and the energy that flows within the soul.

To access the most pure wisdom, train yourself to set aside the mind both with deep breathing, walking, and nature. This is not a waste of time, it is necessary to find the inner voice. Do not make lists, plan, “use your time to multi-task” and think, think, think, as this is the hamster wheel we want to step off of! Once you know the signals of calm in your own body, you will then be able to progress to using your body as the radar for inner decisions.

Feel the decision in your body. What does it feel like? Your body is the first line of defense. The discomfort the pain, the knots in the belly mean NO. The YES feeling has no wait time. It feels like you are ready to leap. Right after, you may get the “reasons for not yes”. This is most likely your ego mind trying to take over and convince you that your intuition is fooling you and your ego must control. Push this chatter aside and see the decision. Look into your mind and see, play out, the look of the choice. See yourself being a lawyer. How do you feel? What do you see yourself actually doing? Do you appear happy or stressed? Do you enjoy the look of this life? You are the creator of your free will and God will co-create with you once your vision is clear. After both the vision and body test; harness the energy to feel this path to further see yourself living it. When your path and inner knowing are in agreement, you will feel it. The shift will occur and blocks will begin to move away.

If you are on the correct path and your vision is clear and resolute, ask for Godly and angelic help and intervention to make your goal manifest. You will see the coincidences start, and the forward motion begin. Some decisions take time to manifest, so know that divine timing is part of any plan. When you start to be aware of signs and coincidences, you will know that you plan is in motion and your path will start to show.

Practice finding the clear knowing and you will find the calm begin to replace the worry and you will find peacefulness.
May this message bring you peace.

Author's Bio: 

Rosemary DeTrolio is a teacher, business owner, angel communicator and Reiki Master Teacher. She holds a Masters in Education and loves to learn and teach.