One of our readers asked about healing in regard to arteries of the hearts, so I took this concern into meditation. I received a perspective about the spiritual and emotional nature of arteries that I thought many of us might appreciate. It is a little bit different than what Louise Hay so beautifully offers to us, but it is indeed in alignment with her perspective.

What I heard was this: “Arteries are about knowing what matters. When our arteries are healthy we know that every part of us deserves to be acknowledged, nourished and loved. When our arteries are well, we know that we are worthy of love and life.”

It seems to me that this aligns very well with Louise Hay’s definition that “arteries carry the joy of life.” Isn’t it true that we need to know we are worthy of love in order to experience true joy, for isn’t joy an exalted expression of love? In order to get to such a state of blissful love, we may need to discover our worthiness first.

The most difficult aspects to love within ourselves are those bound up in our regrets. We regret what we did not do, or the ways in which we hurt others or ourselves. We might even regret the life we chose to live here on earth. When we are deeply depressed and caught up in shame or despair, we can regret that we exist at all. We don’t recognize how much we matter, and so we starve ourselves of what we need to enjoy life—to be acknowledged, nourished and loved.

If in our childhoods, we did not feel adequately acknowledged, nourished or loved, we can grow up accepting the notion that we are inadequate. We might even tell ourselves this belief isn’t true, telling ourselves that we are indeed adequate—that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs do matter—but if the wound is deep, a part of us may not believe it. Eventually that belief becomes manifest in our bodies and our daily choices support the underlying belief of inadequacy.

If the belief that you don’t matter is deeply imbedded within your subconscious, you may find that affirmations take a long time to penetrate into your subconscious beliefs. When your arteries are at stake, this energetic process may be too slow for you. In order to address the underlying emotional and spiritual issues, you need to get into the subconscious mind, where change is more profound and the results more immediate.

This is what drew me to sound medicine. Because the healing is not language based, I was able to heal the spiritual and emotional wounds at their core, whether those wounds occurred in this lifetime or previous lives. Many of our deepest wounds are pre-verbal—they began in energy long before they were ever articulated. Love is not a matter of worthiness, it is a matter of allowing ourselves to experience it and to fully take it into our experience, or digest it and allow it to be fully in us.

Because the arteries deliver blood to every part of our bodies, in order for them to function properly and in order for the body to be able to respond to medical or healing treatment, we need to go past any thoughts of worthiness and give ourselves permission to experience what matters—love. Then as our hearts gently open, we give ourselves permission to experience that love throughout our bodies and our lives.

With matters of the heart, tenderness is very important. You can’t rush the heart or make healing happen. That kind of pressure only makes the condition worse. The heart demands honesty with gentleness. Let go of thoughts and comments about how inadequate or bad you are. These beliefs put pressure on your heart, and while it is a strong organism, it requires gentle thoughts and feelings in order to function properly.

Your arteries are much the same. If you want your arteries to carry this love throughout your body, you need to love them and fondly invite them to convey your love and appreciation for you into every part of your body. Invite them to nourish your body because all of you matters—every cell of your body, every lesson you have learned, everything you have chosen to do and the choices you did not make. Every experience of your past matters because you are an expression of the Divine exploring and discovering itself, and discovering how deep love goes.

If God (the Divine, Source, Universe—however you describe that limitless source of love) visited you and said, “You know I think I made a mistake when I created mosquitoes. I just didn’t realize how much damage they could potentially do to humans and animals in spreading disease.” What would you say? Would you say, “You know, you really blew it on that design. How stupid could you be?” Or would you say, “Dear God, being a humble human, made in your image and likeness, that has attempted to create many things in my life, some quite well and others not nearly as well, I understand. “ Would you close down your heart to God thinking he/she was an idiot? Or would your heart open in compassion for a Creator that was exploring what it meant to create?

How often do we chastise and beat ourselves up for our choices, and yet, aren’t we expressions of the Divine exploring what it means to create? Isn’t it appropriate to be as gentle with ourselves as we would be with God, him or herself? If you are healing your arteries, here is your opportunity to know discover what really matters—that you are Divine expression and love for all of you is what you are seeking.

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Misa Hopkins is the author of the best-selling book, “The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything,” named the first-aid handbook for the new 21st Century consciousness. Hopkins is an astute observer of human motivation and potential. Her observations about the healing progress of her clients and her own miraculous healings led her to ground-breaking conclusions about why people remain ill. In her writing and workshops, she provides insights about breaking through barriers to wellness. You can ready more of her work a