Companies are required by the income tax law to conduct annual stock taking. However, this should not be the only reason for encouraging this practice. Inventory management offers substantial benefits to organizations that are geared towards ensuring the successful accomplishment of goals – especially when done with the utmost level of accuracy.

Importance of accurate inventory
Accurate maintenance of inventory is possible if the company has the right resources. Apart from the traditional office resources, a company should invest in software and applications that make inventory management easy. Companies like Crown Equipment sell fork lifts and pickers to help enhance the order fulfillment process.

Ensure availability of all needed parts
In a manufacturing setting, the management needs to ensure that all the needed parts are available before production begins. The situation must, however, be a little different for the companies that have longer manufacturing lead times. In such instances, the raw materials and other components might be in transit, or in-process. Of utmost importance is to ensure that the expected date of delivery corresponds with the planned production requirement date. The accuracy of inventory makes more sense in organizations that have longer manufacturing lead times compared to others. Both the on-hand and on-order information from the production department and the suppliers are critical.

The principles of lean manufacturing, combined with the stock at the point-of-use locations, and production lead times exceeding 24 hours allow firms to begin manufacturing before all the resources needed are inside the facility. In such environments, efficient operations can only be made possible where inventory accuracy is guaranteed.

To avoid problems associated with inaccurate inventory
Inaccurate inventory leads to the cancellation of even the most viable plans. For starters, unavailability of parts automatically leads to the halting of the manufacturing process. If you operate in the subassemblies industry, the products may be constructed only partially leading to problems such as exposure to dirt and other adverse environmental elements, the need for additional space (that the firm may not have access to) and the need for specialized labor.

Promotes realization of company goals
Inaccurate inventory affects customers negatively, while an accurate one will keep your customers coming back. Proper inventory management ensures that the demand from customers is met at all times because you have right products on-hand as and when the customers need them. If a customer finds you reliable, it is easy for him or her to become a volunteer ambassador of your product/brand.

Inaccurate inventory brings unnecessary costs to the organization as explained above. On the other hand, proper inventory management keeps you in good books with the federal and local government and beyond. It is an effective strategy for retaining customers and ensuring business profitability.

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