A problem that troubles most of us is baldness. Your best panacea for this is hair loss treatment. Baldness is bad because we don’t know exactly why it happens and secondly, it makes our friends look down on us. To be respectable, one must have a good outward demeanor. This includes good clothes, an attractive face, and a good hairstyle. When a person has more hair, he or she is most wanted. If a person is bald, he or she is an old person.

Take action fast
The bald person does not get invited to parties or get promotions at one’s workplace. It is natural since all people prefer smart looking persons. This is why we must act when we begin to lose hair. First, go to a clinic and begin your Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi if you are from there. Or else, go to a local clinic. Check to see what options you have and pick one fast. Don’t waste time because it is possible to get our youthful looks back as soon as we begin to apply the right methods.

Many methods available
Methods for treatment include these:


Laser treatment

Derma roller

PRP treatment

Mesotherapy is a wonderful method; it is effective and works fast. Many people prefer it for this reason. Here we inject the scalp with growth factors and nutrients. It makes growth to happen. This new growth is thick and luxurious. In a Laser treatment method, one subjects one’s scalp to a laser beam. This beam increases blood flow beneath our scalp. This stimulates growth. We may need more than one session to get full growth back.

In a Derma roller method, we put growth nutrients inside a roller. This has needles on their side that pushes nutrients into our scalp. It makes new follicles to grow. It is a good method to get thick growth. We may get a Hair Transplant in South Delhi where we have many clinics.

Degree of baldness
The method and amount of hair transplant depend on how bald a person is. We might be only losing a few hairs and not really bald. It is a case of Grade 2 baldness with Grade 1 being a normal head without any loss. When a person is completely bald, his Grade is 7. Here we can only use hair transplant techniques because growth has completely stopped.

Limited grafts per session
For doing a transplant, a surgeon will break all sessions into smaller ones. In each session, we will get about 1,500 grafts. Each graft has 2-3 follicles. We will need about 1.500 to 2,000 grafts for Grade 2 head. For Grade 7, we need about 5,600 - 6,000 grafts. Since we can do only 1,500 grafts in a day, we will need about 4 sessions for it.

If we have one thing that cannot wait, it is our hair transplant. If you get it done with immediately, you will look so much more attractive. It will open your world to many more possibilities.

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