I have always believed that there are many realms of existence and this physical realm is just one aspect of creation and life. Just because it looks like empty space from my chair to the couch could be an illusion. That “empty” space to me may be filled with untold things or beings, I just don’t experience them through my senses. I mean we know we love someone but do we see love?

When I had a near death, or death experience, I was in another realm, I know I was there, but the people on this realm, saw me lying on the pavement on Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles. I love it when our dogs sit up in the middle of their nap and stare at something or someone walking by, and I see no one there in this realm. The dogs are obviously experiencing another “dog realm.”

I live in nature and in the land of the ancient Cherokee where I know I am experiencing one of many realms of existence. There are tons of realms of that I am sure and look forward to spending the rest of my life investigating these magnificent miraculous places.

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