Lovers of beautiful rims and shiny bodies see vintage cars and collector vehicles as gems to preserve.

But if more and more individuals are eyeing the side of the vintage car market, it is because investing in a classic car has arguments and a significant potential for added value! How to find the rare pearl?

Should we invest in a youngtimer car or in a pre-war period? What are the prices in effect? In which car to invest in 2019 and 2020? Fasten your belts, Tacotax tells you everything!

Which vintage car to buy to invest?

Investing in the collectible automobile market will, unsurprisingly, require good knowledge in this area, particularly with regard to the different categories:

Pre-war cars: old vehicles produced before 1950.
Rare cars : not necessarily old as long as its production was very limited.

Youngtimers cars : vehicles whose production has stopped for at least 15 years, but which have not yet reached 30 years of service.

Which cars will increase in value?

Typically, cars that will become collection vehicles, such as youngtimers , have the best advantages for investors: not yet legally considered as collection vehicles, they are therefore logically more affordable. Their owner will also have the quasi-certainty of making a nice capital gain on resale , provided that he takes care of his property, that goes without saying.

Each year, new vehicle models obtain their collectors' car registration card and fall under the category of assets present in a heritage. In 2020 , it is the models born in 1990 which will benefit from this new status: it is indeed necessary to wait three decades before a vehicle is considered as a collector's item.

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