If you have been living in a rented house then after sometimes you will feel that it is quite worthwhile to have your own house. Having your own house not just mean that you are settled but it also helps your finance grow. If you are planning to buy your first house in Singapore then here is the checklist of things that you must do to ensure that the investment is worth.

1. Spend some time in searching flats in different location and then select one that is convenient and provides good connectivity to different area in Singapore. There are many new launched projects in Singapore and you can have a look at them. Palms at Sixth Avenue is located very close to the Sixth Avenue MRT. It also connects you to the major expressways.

2. Once you are sure about the location, look into different projects there and then compare the rate to ensure that the price is as per the market value. You can take experts help but do not completely rely on them. You must use your own source for finding things so that you get value out of your investment.

3. Next visit the place and ensure that the project fits in your need and worth for the money you pay.

4. Now that you have selected a project take your next step forward. Check the facilities that the project is offering. See if there are schools, malls, hospitals etc nearby. Next, see if the project has amenities like swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, parking area etc. Projects like Palms Sixth Avenue Singapore have been designed with a touch of elegance. It is a freehold property with 32 units. Ducted air conditioning system, private swimming pool, audio intercom, parking area and life on each level has been provided for owner’s convenience.

5. If the unit is furnished then ensure that the quality is good and the appliances are from renowned company. You must also ensure that the developer of the project is renowned and holds market reputation.

6. Home is a place where you are safe. Before you buy a house check what kind of security it provides. Are there any security camera or alarm? If the project is huge with lot of units then see if there is a security guards room and is the guard facility available.

7. Balcony is place where you can sit and relax in the evening with your family and friends. Before investing ensure that it is a place where you can sit and enjoy the view. You must also make sure that the breeze or sunshine is not blocked.

8. Maintenance charge is one recurring expense that you will have when you buy a house and most of us forget about this while investing. If you are planning to take loan from the bank then do not forget to add the amount to your monthly expenses. The maintenance charge depends on a number of factors. So when collecting information do not forget to ask about it.

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Maryann Wilson is the writer of this article. She involved in singapore real estate business from last 10 years. Here she discussed about the residential property of Palms at Sixth Avenue.