Okay. I’ve had some interesting conversations lately with people about the manifestation process. I love you (I’m not just saying this it’s true), and sometimes what I see you do to get in your own way drives me a little crazy. So here’s some general teaching you can use about that.
I’ll start with a story.
You may know of Suzanne Evans, the amazing coach and success story who went from administrative assistant to millions of dollars per year in what basically amounts to the blink of an eye. Last year at her Be The Change event in Orlando, she premiered a feature film she produced called Manifest This! that spent nearly 90 minutes debunking the theories of The Secret.

The muppet main character of this film, Jimbo, was a chakra healer who was using his vision of the Law of Attraction to build his business and even to be able to ride a bike off a cliff despite the fact that he was wheelchair-bound. Except that he failed miserably at the business, and seriously hurt himself on the bike.

Now I personally never saw or read The Secret, but I do consider myself a chakra healer (this is what I did in 2010 during my transition from academic to coach-channel extraordinaire), so I took some umbrage to the film when I first saw it, in large part because I don’t think the filmmakers’ understanding of how the manifestation process works was accurate.

Jimbo’s problem, as diagnosed by Suzanne Evans, was that he was just wishing and not doing anything. And although I disagree with what appeared to be a blanket condemnation of using the law of attraction in business, I wholeheartedly agree with Suzanne’s point about taking action. It’s our way of signaling the Universe that we want and will accept the gifts is comes bearing.

Here’s how this film came back to me recently. In the past week I’ve had 3 conversations with perfect would-be clients who could change their lives in radical ways by working with me, on one level or another. They were all totally excited about the transformations their lives could undergo through this powerful work with their Akashic Records and me as their coach, until it came time to say “yes” to the work. Then they stepped back.

“I need the Universe to show me the money first.”

Not one, not two, but three people used almost the exact same words this week. I call that a sign from the Universe that this needed to be addressed. Immediately.

Do you have any idea how sad it is to be holding space for someone to reach for their greatness, and then to have them decide that they don’t want to bother stretching out their arm to take it??? It’s like offering a $10 bill in exchange for a penny, and having people say “nah.”

So here’s the rule, folks: You have to invest in yourself first for the Universe to invest in you.

If you’re waiting for the Universe to bring you the big bucks before you make that investment, it’s not gonna happen. Au contraitre: the money won’t arrive until you make that leap. It’s not called a leap of faith for nothing, you know there’s a trust factor involved. You have to be willing to assume a small risk in exchange for the big stuff.

So… If you’re getting strong signals from the Universe that a certain investment is the right thing, I urge you to not let your ego talk you out of it. Because your ego doesn’t know what’s available, and likes to run scared.

When the Universe is your business partner (p.s.: it always is, whether you believe it–or act like it–or not), the smart thing is to let it take care of the tough parts, like coming up with the unforeseen cash windfalls, delivering to you the brilliant ideas, and bringing the perfect clients to your door. Your part is to get up and answer the door when the Universe (aka opportunity) knocks.

For every huge payoff I’ve ever reaped, I had to make huge and scary leaps, taking massive risks. Why did I do it? Because my intuition told me to, and I know that my intuition is an infallible resource. So when it says jump, I jump. Even when I have no bleeping idea how I’ll make it happen. Because that’s the Universe’s job, not mine.

It’s all about Trust and surrender. And trading in my shiny penny for a crisp $10 bill.

P.S.: I’ll come back with how my personal story illustrates this brilliantly over and over again next week, so stay tuned.

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