What’s the best fix for a very bad day? A phone call to a friend, or going for a walk in the park? Maybe a nice home-cooked meal…

Better yet – a good stiff drink or a martini, shaken not stirred. If that doesn’t ease the pain, prescription painkillers can help you stay on that even keel.

Not that I’m trying to make light of turning to drugs and alcohol for comfort. There are numerous healthy ways to cope with the unhappy stuff that comes our way, but more and more of us are turning to harmful substances. While you might think we have to worry about teenagers and this kind of behavior, the population that’s at high risk of substance abuse today is seniors.

The secret you need to know about

The abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs among adults 60 and over is one of the fastest growing health problems facing the country. But it’s like an invisible epidemic that we don’t talk about, doctors may not screen for, and patients simply deny.

Another roadblock to giving the issue a voice is the older generation’s disapproval and shame about misuse of substances. That goes hand in hand with a reluctance to get professional help for what’s considered to be a “private matter.” It’s an attitude that needs to change.
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