Infra-red beams cannot be observed by the naked eye. In that sense there are several sounds that humans cannot hear, whereas insects, dogs and cats can hear clearly. A characteristic example is a silent dog whistle, while the frequency range of a dog whistle is largely out of the range of human hearing. The above observations prove that there are certain things we cannot sense and therefore they are 'invisible' to most of us.

Surely most of you believe that you live in the real world, while the world of fantasy is a pseudo-world, a creation of our mind. Invisible worlds are rather strange whereby different landscapes, cities, houses and creatures exist. They awaken senses that are unknown to us, such as new colours, sounds or even smells. Contrary to the material world we live in, the invisible worlds are free of restrictions of any kind. Therefore when we hear about the existence of 'other worlds' we tend to assume that they are merely a creation of our fantasy. Now imagine for just a second that the fantasy world is the real world and the world that we live in is a fantasy. In other words imagine that the 'real world' is a reflection or a shadow of the invisible worlds.

The Italian philosopher Jordano Bruno argued that we are certainly not aware of all the different dimensions that exist in the world we live in. He also believed that there are infinite worlds that we are not capable of seeing or sensing. Several distinguished scientists, such as Max Tegmark (Pennsylvania University) have carried out various studies that empirically prove the existence of parallel universes.

Obviously when we discuss about 'invisible worlds' we can't escape the thought of the psyche's journey after death. In fact the belief that there is life after death is supported by all religions and philosophies worldwide. Recently a number of psychologists and psychiatrists have been examining the concept of 'reincarnation' by using the method of hypnosis, whilst they have succeeded in achieving therapy in areas in which clinical medicine is unable to deal with.

Many cases of 'resurrection' whereby patients have described their own experiences of invisible worlds have been examined by psychologists and psychiatrists over the past few years. Patients were talking about going there and meeting creatures of the same wavelength as theirs, who guided them to perceive the various sounds and colours through aura. They also stated that cities, houses and families seemed more or less the same as in our world, although the flora and fauna seemed different from planet earth. Think of it like the world we are visiting whilst we are dreaming. It was reported that the invisible world comprises five dimensions while the time flow is quite different too (that is why in a dream a long story may take place only within a few minutes). Ancient Egyptians and Tibetan people highly believed in reincarnation and that led them to draw maps depicting those invisible worlds. As a result the psyche did not get lost when leaving the body and subsequently entering other worlds. Priests used to help the psyche in its journey through ceremonies, prayers and meditation, in addition they taught the psyche how to follow these magical maps.

Now each of us create our personal invisible worlds, in accordance to our desires, thoughts and visions. These are called thought-forms. Thought-forms are going round your aura and follow you wherever you go, influencing your choices, relationships and the image of the world you have created in your mind. Consequently, you should avoid putting the wrong things in your head. Thoughts are powerful, especially when they turn into thought-forms (consciously or unconsciously) as they can materialise. That is possibly the reason why the saying “think positive” has become so popular today.

On the other hand, one could argue that the "invisible" does not exist. What we desire and what we are capable of seeing only exists. However if one century ago you informed a scientist about the future discovery of TV/ mobile phones they would have probably thought you were insane. In that sense it is feasible that in the near future we might be able to see these invisible worlds through the use of special machinery. Invisible worlds are not as far away as we think they are nor as invisible as we believe. Today 'Astral Body Projection' is a means by which people can achieve an out-of-body experience, hence they are able to travel around in an invisible world. Yet, hard work needs to be done in order for a person to reach a high level, while a lot of research still needs to be carried out in this particular field. When all the pieces of the puzzle combine, then we shall eventually reach the Universal Truth, if there is one...

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