The first suggestion is that Speeding up the time it takes to invoice approval.

Manually authorize copies of the invoices, instead of sending emails that can be viewed online and is approved or rejected if the image is required. The system will monitor all invoices to ensure they are authorized to pass the time.

The second suggestion is that Reduce data entry costs.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to deliver information that can be automatically read from your bill to open.

The third suggestion is that Storage space and eliminates unnecessary storage costs.

Invoice processing solution in legally acceptable format paper copies of invoices to save can be discarded. It eliminates the cost of other storage and frees the space is taken up with filing cabinets.

The fourth suggestion is that Reduce the risk of loss of invoices.

authorize copies of the invoices to the image online that does not mean that you lost in the mail bills or lost on any desk to see.

The fifth suggestion is that Make more efficient and user-friendly encryption.

AP invoice processing solutions for both the department and the code is online bill image buyers. Coding is easier with intelligent defaults and recognition.

The sixth suggestion is that Government law matters.

Invoice processing solution to ensure that all lines of authority are defined and followed. Where the invoices must be approved by more than one person can be dealt with multi-level authorities.

The seventh suggestion is that With extensive management information to take control of your AP.

AP department, its suppliers and authorize management information on performance can be easily produced.

The eighth suggestion is that To efficiently resolve discrepancies.

Invoice management process of the discrepancy can automate the matching orders ensures a sharper resolution of discrepancies.

The nineth suggestion is that Negotiate vendor discounts to help higher.

Your Invoice Management Process supplier invoices within the time limit for a strong case for a higher deductible to assist in the negotiations.

The tenth suggestion is that The end of the month and year-end speed the process sources.

Billing and coding process of finding journals to speed up the process by eliminating the build. Responsible for all obligations can be quickly and efficiently.

The eleventh suggestion is that Invoices, purchase orders and receipts to adjust.

Online data entry is matched in time, if it fails, the AP team immediately alerted to possible errors to resolve, avoiding costly delays and re-processing.

The twelth suggestion is that Receiving the registration process faster.

Where the goods received notes, invoices can be forwarded to the goods receipt requested assessment. To pursue it, the pursuit of bills and avoid manual administration.

Invoices are sent by e-mail to handle. Your e-mail invoice processing solution for collecting and automatically retrieved from the index online and allows workflows to be involved in the process. It captures the email you need without clogging your system.

The thirteenth suggestion is that Proactively manage its supplier portfolio.

Detailed vendor invoices or invoices that vendors frequently rejected, including the sending of duplicate information, is provided to help you manage your supplier portfolio.

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