Some call it a better version of laptop, while others call it a magical device. Apple thwacked the world in April 2010 with the launch of an iPad device. Apple iPad is a feature-rich device that created a buzz with its initial launch. It is not wrong to say that iPad is the first glimpse of a tablet device that thrilled iPad application developers,sending a message for a challenging market. It was the launch of iPad that encouraged the growth of tablet market across the globe. Why not? Weren’t we looking for a device better than the computer and lighter than a Laptop?

With full touch operations, accelerometer and compatibility with high graphics, iPad satisfies the business and entertainment requirements of the user. This uniquely-designed device draws attention from individual as well as organizations across the world. This indicates that iPad occupies both consumer and business market.

Apple devices are taking over Microsoft persuading every businessman to switch to iPhone and iPad devices. Given Apple’s strong security and continuously advancing corporate features, more than seventy percent of organizations already acquire iPad and iPhone devices.

As Apple has more than 60 million eyes turned towards iPad, every website developer has to face an iPad compatibility criterion from his client. Major applications run over iPad due to its ever-increasing consumer base. Today, iPad application developers are into everything including music, education, weather, social networking, travel, etc.

Ever wondered why people buy iPads?

Comfort, looks, utility, simplified business, etc. are some of the reasons for people to buy iPads.  However, performance is the key to all features. Apple iPad 2 is a masterpiece boasting amazing hardware. With 1GHZ dual-core Apple A5 chip, 512 MB DDR2 RAM, Wi-Fi Capability and amazing 9.7 inches screen with finest resolution, iPad 2 delivers the performance better than any portable device as light and sleek as iPad.

Apple iPad is portable; however, irrespective of its portability, many iPad devices never left the user’s living room. It is so convenient to use that the users lay back, work and entertain themselves wherever they are. Apple iPad is a chill out device. It makes a style statement and is a question of status quo to many users. Its portability attracts varied application development for iPad.

The device attracts iPad application development on a large scale.As today’s market is all about web applications, iPad app development forms a major source of attraction for consumers and enterprises. iPad is for everybody including a musician, gamer, researcher, and writer. Android will definitely catch-up, but it has a way to go. Till then, Apple remains a game changer and iPad remains a more polished device than any other competitor in the market. Although iPad puts limitations and restricts users from customizing a lot of things, jailbreak is an ultimate technique.

All new iPad3 is in news

After an overwhelming success of iPad2, we are soon to see iPad 3 rolling out with some new features. According to the rumors, iPad 3 will include “Siri” and a unique integration with Facebook. Just as every iPad release, we are expecting the launch of this new device as a spring surprise. Apple may support 802.11ac Wi-Fi spec to upcoming devices. Apple’s iPad 3 will magnetize a new set of iPad application developers with an enhanced potential to develop for a forthcoming magnificent device.

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Author- Jeff M Mathew