While iPhone has always been one of the best smartphones for gaming, iPhone users could not play heavy games on their favorite mobile, owing to the limited processing power of previous iPhone devices. But the launch of iPhone 4S along with the powerful iOS 5 has changed the game. With its powerful A5 microprocessor chip, iPhone 4S has 7 times better graphic support and double the processing speed of iPhone 4.

This has made it possible for gaming companies to develop large-scale games for iPhone. This article takes a look at the 5 must-have games for iPhone 4S. While some of the games listed below are classic hits, the article also includes new games that take full advantage of the diverse facilities offered by iPhone 4S.

Infinity Blade 2
Infinity Blade 1 is already a huge iPhone hit. The second version of this games was released at Apple’s iPhone Presentation Keynote, and this version makes full use of special iPhone 4S features to offer better graphics and gaming experience. The new game is an extended version: it sports over 100 new weapons and a bigger world with better environment. Among games for iPhone 4S, Infinity Blade 2 makes the best use of new iPhone 4S features.

Dead Space
Unlike most survival horror games, Dead Space doesn’t turn boring on iPhone. The iPhone game developer for this console game has been able to recreate the eerie experience on iPhone 4S. The ‘nightmare’ scenarios of this game will grab your attention, and the gory graphics will satisfy your bloodlust. While this is not a game for people who dislike violent games, hardcore gamers will love Dead Space.

Angry Birds Rio
This crazy game doesn’t need use of the special iPhone 4S features, but it is still great fun. Everyone plays angry birds, and if you do not have it in your mobile yet, you are either a newbie or a rarity. This version of Angry Birds uses physics to decide the trajectory of the angry birds, and it offers some surprising twists on the original game. This game teaches an important lesson: iPhone game development doesn’t need to be complex in order to be successful.

This famous PC game has, at last, made it to the iPhone. The mature graphics of this game, combined with superb soundtrack that urges the player to respond faster, make it a very addictive. The point-and-click shooting options for the game suit the iPhone platform perfectly. The best part of this game are its different types of puzzles and changing scenarios. This is a great game for killing time.

Grand Theft Auto 3
One would assume that this popular PC game requires a large screen, but the iPhone 4S version of the game challenges this assumption. GTA iPhone game development team embraced all the new features of iPhone 4S to create this open-world racing heaven: the game works only on iPhone 4S and iPad 2. This version of GTA comes with striking graphics that can only be supported by iPhone 4S’s A5 microprocessor chip.

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