The iPhone is a significant possession. Any mistake with the repairing of the device is intolerable. But, the repairers are humans too and to err is human. Rectification is divine. So, before you go to an Iphone screen repair in Double Bay, learn what common mistakes the professionals do. It'll give you an insight and you'll try to warn your hired professionals about these common mistakes. It'll save both your time and money. 

iPhone screen repair

Be Patient With The Round Connector

You'll often find the little antenna a bit tricky to put back into the place. It requires thorough practice and feelings. Some novice repairer might get an impression that they've put it perfectly but they haven't actually. They often get no signal. Another common mistake is to use a screwdriver or some other tools to try and push it down. Well, it seems a huge mistake. The screwdriver can slip and damage the antenna cable or chip some component on the motherboard. A finger is ideal for reconnecting the antenna. 

Be Careful About The Battery Back 

People often forget to put the battery back in a proper place. So, ensure that you fully connect the battery first and then place the battery back into the iPhone. This makes the battery ribbon cable accordion in between the battery and the connector. The ribbon cable will stick up too high and get ripped when putting the back cover on. The connection of the battery becomes more difficult when you do this in this way. If you don't get the connector fully put down, you can see all kinds of strange issues with your phone - like not charging or not booting up properly. 

Forgetting To Move The Speaker Mesh

Speaker mesh is installed for keeping the debris away from clogging the speaker. You have to secure the mesh down with a small piece of 2mm adhesive on each side of the speaker hole. Failure to do this can result in the speaker mesh sliding out of place in a day or two. 

Forgetting To Move Camera Bracket

Camera brackets must be moved from the old screen. You need to ensure that the front camera focuses properly. Be careful when taking this off of the old screen as it can pop off and fly several feet. This is clear and small plastic. You'll have a real hard time finding it again once it goes flying. 

Violation Of General Repair Rule

It's easy to slide the new screen into place to let one of the two connectors accordions. If that's the case, it won't reach the connector. Few people try to fix the issue by pulling harder on that cable. Another screen is required here. Violation of general repair rule harnesses danger.

Putting LCD In A Wrong Manner

Don't let even a little bit of glass fall onto the iPhone LCD tray. This glass will push on the LCD and you'll see a rainbow effect with even the gentlest touch of the new screen. Use canned air to blow this area out and run a thumb over it to make sure this is free from debris. 

So, these are the very common mistakes while making an Iphone screen replacement in Double Bay. Though these are very common and checked upon repeatedly, the professionals still commit them. So, talk to your experts about these common mistakes and make sure that your phone doesn't fall prey to such mistakes. 

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