IPL Hair Removal Technique – A Simplistic Overview
IPL hair removal technique has been regarded by the experts as a more effective method than the Laser hair removal technique. Full form of IPL is Intense Pulse Light. This light is targeted to the hair follicles at such a wavelength that it gets absorbed by the hair follicles. This Intense Pulse Light is pulsed for a fraction of a second, which is timed to such a perfect that only the targeted hair follicle gets disrupted.

The pigment that gives colour to the hair absorbs this Intense Pulse Light and converts the energy to heat, which ultimately damages the concerned follicle. Thus, thermal damage of the hair follicle leads to delayed growth of hair. In this way, the hair follicle is destructed permanently, leading to permanent hair removal solution.

Multiple Sessions of IPL Hair Removal Treatments
This needs special mention here that this specialised laser hair removal technique requires various sessions as it is not possible to finish off the work in a single one. Those hairs that are at the growing phase are the best ones for permanent hair removal treatment through IPL technique. All the hairs in a certain region do not grow at the same pace. This is why multiple sessions are required for this treatment.

After a series of hair removal treatments, growth of most of the hairs will be stopped. However, some hairs may still persist. Those remaining hairs will also get more brittle, coarser and thinner after certain treatments. Thus, these hairs will break down of its own. This should be noted here that there is no beauty salon or clinic that can guarantee a hundred percent permanent hair removal. However, eighty to ninety percent effectiveness of these hair removal treatments is ensured by IPL hair removal treatments.

IPL Hair Removal Treatment - Essential Tips
IPL Hair Removal Tips 1: Many people have been witnessed to have used a lot of temporary hair removal techniques (such as applying cream, usage of wax, shaving and many more) before going through the permanent hair removal treatments. However, this should be avoided because they cause acceleration of hairs.
IPL Hair Removal Tips 2: IPL hair removal treatment does not get completed in a single session. It requires multiple session. This information is already given in the above portion of this article. However, the number of such sessions required varies from person to person. Moreover, different portion of the body require different number of sessions because of the density of hair on that certain portion. For example, face contains more hair than armpit. Men usually shave them. If you resort to IPL hair removal solution then removing hairs from your face will take more sessions than doing the same from the armpits.

IPL Hair Removal Tips 3: It is better to avoid tanning of skin before going for hair removal treatment. As the technology and technique has improved a lot in the past few years, tanned skin can also be treated effectively.

However, you should give detailed description of the way through which you have tanned your skin to the therapist so that he or she can plan properly to give you proper hair removal treatment

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