Intelligence Quotient or IQ

We all are well aware of IQ or Intelligence Quotient which is parameter used to determine academic abilities of an individual. IQ score is derived based on several standardized tests designed to access intelligence. It tells about person’s ability to learn, understand and apply information to skills, logical reasoning, word comprehension, math skills, abstract and spatial thinking, filter irrelevant information. A person with high intelligence is expected to do exceptionally well in life in terms of professional growth and it is perceived that success comes naturally to people with higher IQ levels.

Emotional Quotient or EQ

On the other hand, Emotional Intelligence or EQ of an individual is his ability to identify, control and control the emotion of oneself of others and of groups. It means a person with higher IQ will be able to identify, evaluate, control and express emotions, perceive and assess others emotions to facilitate thinking, understand emotional meaning. This implicates a person with higher level of EQ will have good people skills and leadership roles comes naturally to that person.

The world has changed a lot as technology has penetrated each and every sphere of our life. To achieve success in life an individual must multi-task, be a fast learner and be adaptable to change. With the advent of social media we have become more socially active and socially engaged. In this socio-digital revolution age a person must have good people skill to succeed in life.

Professional Sphere

In a work place a person with high level of IQ would find it easy to be a success with a challenging task, the person would be able to analyze a problem with a 360 degree view and propose feasible solution. The research skill of the person coupled with reasoning will help in overcoming any road blocks. On the other hand a person with high EQ will facilitate team work, forge successful relations, take initiative and achieve effective collaboration. From the above we can conclude that having both good IQ and EQ is a formidable combination and sure shot recipe for success. People tend to ignore the importance of EQ when it comes to moving forward in their carrier. Even with high levels of IQ a person who is not emotionally stable will find it difficult to integrate in a positive working atmosphere.

As we spend considerable amount of time of our life in attaining higher IQ we miss out on the fact that to sustain the success we wish to achieve we need to develop our emotional quotient as well. To develop EQ a person must be an empathetic listener and building effective listening skills is one of the most challenging tasks.


The importance of EQ should be taught from elementary level and it should be developed from the beginning. A person with higher EQ will not be an asset for the family and the workplace but will be a great resource for the society as well. More the number of people with higher EQ in a society, the more constructive society it will build.

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