The mobile revolution really did happen, but we should all count ourselves fortunate that the post PC World predicted by many of the advocates didn’t happen. Seriously, can you imagine doing your actual work by tapping at a piece of glass like that? But, phones are here to stay, and that means that your simply going to have to accommodate a mobile friendly design with your website.


Even before the current situation, increasingly many things in life or handled through the Internet, but now, it’s been turned up to max. If you want succeed in Ireland, you need offer the most mobile responsive website Ireland can offer.


This may sound counterintuitive, given the browsers on mobile phones can indeed load any website. But, if you want to experience what it’s like to not have a mobile responsive website, just try loading an older, very plain HTML website on android or iOS. No matter what browser you have, you’ll be zooming in and out constantly in tapping at little bitty links to try to read and navigate the site.


If you want to create the mobile web design Ireland needs, you have to understand the interface of your typical app. A great many of them are actually powered internally by the same technology that a responsive website uses, which actually can make this easier to do, because of the shared code you can use.


Don’t try this at home, as they say, because there’s a lot of finesse here. You can’t make a mobile exclusive website, unless it’s designed to be a software as a service model strictly for phones. While a desktop computer can load a mobile website, it’s going to look terrible and in no way a desktop user. Remember Windows 8, with its very mobile centric design absolutely infuriating laptop and PC users, and bear that in mind when you consider the fact that you have to support both types of devices wholeheartedly.


When choosing your web designer, make sure that they are confident they can provide a mobile responsive website Ireland needs, as this country is woefully underrepresented in the e-commerce and online business world.


Also bear in mind that there are two equally supported platforms, and you should never exclusively target iOS or android. We’re not going to side with either group in stating that one platform is better than the other, but they do have their own unique eccentricities to consider. Make sure that the person designing the mobile web design Ireland needs from you understands these platforms on a technical level, and can actually do what’s called version splitting to have the website send different data depending on the platform navigating it.


In these difficult times, proper web design has never been more important than it is now, and we all must do our part to keep the world moving as smoothly as possible while depending so heavily on remote infrastructure like this. Do your research when hiring a web designer, and make sure that they understand the importance of mobile targeting, multiple versioning and the nuance of user interface design across all the platforms. At least it’s not on a per browser basis like it once was!

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