summer of 1993 massive flood thoughout midwest, I waited for Gawd to create Noah's Ark for Farmland Animals, Poor babies needed rescue..Spring of 1993 school shooting happened in Princeton, WV.

2 kids came in blazing guns, 2 injured, zero death, 2 kids arrested..I arrived Fall of 1993..Thank Gawd Princeton didn't opt for metal detectors! Homicide/Suicide Winter 1993, husband killed wife, then took his own, One surviving child, Senior Name Melissa Hartman.

Natalie Bath Riley KS, died in high school gym basketball practice. autopsy report "brain Aneurysm" Riley Elementary kid dies, story went children were doing relays, and boy would not stop running, he went head first into cynder blocks.

Riley is 30 minutes from anywhere, and ER arrived 20 minutes. boy in critical condition, 3 days later he died.
Riley KS, Son loses father to tractor incident after accident. mother would not allow son to till soil, she feared for his life.

result son commits suicide, he put glass bowl over head wrapped tape around neck attached propane line. Mother found son. Years later, A teacher Mrs. Copland's mother murdered, burglary, and Mother's body found hardly recognizable. I worked at Arby's....

Yes, Home of the roast beast sammie. asked if I wanted an extra shift at Spanway, I turned down extra hours. That night Spanaway Arby's robbed, inside job Toni and Daryl thought it was a good idea to raise drug money.

Why he called me first? He thought I would sell the robbery. When I opted not to show, he called Tara (his gf). In short Tony lost job. Why? Tony broke procedure..
How? He decided to open backdoor at 10 pm, when backdoor should be locked tight at 7 pm..No one in or out that specific door..Cass and I saw what Tony did, damn we lost our shit,
"Shut fucking door before we beat the shit out of you!" He caved..

When Robbery happened 2 months later Spanway Arby's, same thing Tony opened backdoor. We told Manager what happened, and all they needed to put 2 and 2gether.

I held a full time j.o.b at Arby's and partime at Subway. 2 weeks after Spanway Arby's incident, Subway robbed! Same situation, I called into work that night, after pulling a 10 hr shift at Arby's I was in zzero conditon to work another 3 hours, didn't feel the money was necessary.

Employee robbed at gun point, they walked away with 40 dollars so not worth crime. Employees are told to keep 40.00 in register, deposit rest. Day after I quit my job at Subway..

I worked at hi-5 as a daytime bartender, clock off at 5. friday night and the mood is right for murder. 2 rivalled gangs step in, and boy did mood change. I felt it was time for me to leave, and 15 minutes later shooting at the five. zero dead, but 3 injured.1 in critical condition.

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