One of the essential things that came along in the 21st Century and a thing that has altered the humanity and our aspects of life is unquestionably the social network named Facebook. At one time people agree to share their personal life with unknowns from all around the globe, put their thinking, their concerns and affections on the net, with an aim to talk with familiar and unfamiliar persons. Facebook, since the day it has came along, has been connecting faraway relatives that live in distinct parts in the globe, aids find your classmates that you haven’t seen them for lots, lots years, hides lots new born loves, but in the same time is a explanation for cheating, divorcing, having the wrong idea… The idea is that thanks to the mass hypnosis, caused by Facebook, the network has close to 500 millions effective users, concerting to the statistics and the last information that has been broadcasting on the net is that Facebook is going to be close up on 15th March!

This information has caused a terror into the world of the network. Except the pragmatic side of this innovation, the network has caused lots people attached from it, attached from spending their valued time looking at the PC and thinking of some unfamiliar people rather then thinking of them selves. “Weekly world news” was the Web site that brought out this information on Saturday, January 8th, and the stated was followed by about 10 000 comments.

Concerting to this page, the builder of the network, Mark Zuckerberg has announced in a press conference outside his Palo Alto office that Facebook has went out of command, that has been causing his life too disturbing, the craziness is broadcasting all around, so he has agreed to close up the page and bring his life back. Allegedly this information was affirmed from the others employed in Facebook.

And in the time when one group of people is quite disturbed from the information, other group feels free at last. The parents note the rpg games played on this interconnections that has been setting their children in risk, facing them with suspicious kinds of people. They are glad because this way their child will have time to talk to them, rather then of chatting all the time.

But the things can’t be that simple when it’s about FB. On Monday, January 10th, CNN has declared that the information was fake. They declare that it can’t be attainable in this moment after the company has declared quite crucial round of funding.

Yet, true or fake, this is a thing that would be talk about a lot, till the famous date when we’ll unquestionably know what will be our free time preoccupancy in future – Facebook or something new…

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Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as one of the most appropriate ways to express myself and I like when it appears useful for the others as well.