These days there are two great alternatives in which you can get a psychic reading: phone and chat. These methods allow you to reach out for psychic advice without actually leaving home, thus providing more speed and convenience especially in desperate times. But which is more effective between the two? Should you get an online chat psychic or talk to a phone psychic instead?

If there’s one thing you should be aware about, it’s that the psychic connection is much weaker through these communication lines. Unlike consultations with a live psychic wherein the medium could already sense your energies upon seeing you come in, phone and chat mediums would have to make a more stable connection first in order to come up with an accurate reading.

Here are some points to consider when choosing between a phone and chat psychic reading. You may want to consider them before actually deciding on which path to take.

1. Phone readings allow a more personal flow of conversation. Some people find it more comfortable having a phone reading instead of a chat reading, as they feel more consoled when listening to a voice at the other end of the line. Some people also claim that the psychic connection is stronger as the voice sends more energy, unlike in chat psychics.

2. Chat readings offer more freebies. If you are scouting for psychic networks, then you might find chat psychics to be more convenient. They usually offer free readings and more promos and discounts, which can save you a good sum of money. Just beware however, as there are psychic networks that tend to be scams.

3. Phone readings tend to be more direct. It is more expensive to go for phone readings mainly because the advice given by the medium is direct and the answers are given straight to the point. You get to grasp the message first hand, and not just read through them. Text advice given by chat psychics are sometimes felt to be cold, and sometimes even scripted.

4. Chat readings only tackle love, money and career aspects. Most psychic networks discuss only about love, money and career issues, and they come in a whole package. If you have other questions not related to these topics, you would have to pay extra, and of course this would be much more expensive.

5. You can easily check the background of chat psychics. There are chat psychics who have already established their image in their online community, and they as well have set up their own portfolio for their prospective clients to check. In these pages you can browse on their achievements, accomplishments, contact information and customer reviews, so you know if you’re going to spend for their services or not.

One general tip when searching for a psychic through these methods is to find the medium which you are most comfortable with. By being at ease with your chosen psychic method, you get to feel more open in discussing your issues, and in turn receive accurate readings and advice.

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