Is Anxiety and Panic Disorder Curable: How to Get Through an Anxiety Attack

In an episode of an American Sitcom entitled "Just Shoot Me," one of the characters named Elliot suddenly collapsed when he was reminded about his marriage with a character named Maya. When he woke up in the hospital, he thought that it was a heart attack but it turns out that he had a panic attack due to his fear of getting married. Just like in real life, panic attack is usually mistaken for a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.

A panic attack is the sudden development of an intense anxiety that causes immediate physical reaction. Such attacks interfere with your everyday life and cause certain adverse effects that prevent you from enjoying a normal life. Hence, one should seek an effective cure because it may be a serious medical condition.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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The common symptoms of these attacks are rapid heart rate, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, fainting, dizziness, and chest pain, and may happen anytime regardless of where you are. It may be triggered by various causes. These causes include heredity, stress, or traumatic or fearful occurrences such as attacks or accidents. Whatever be the cause, these attacks are dangerous and should be treated right away.

You may encounter such attacks roughly once or twice in your life. However, if it occurs regularly, you might be suffering from a disorder. A panic attack disorder is a very dangerous condition. The life of person suffering from the disorder, as well as the life of other people may be put into danger. For example, Mr. X is a person who is suffering from the said disorder. One day when he was driving, Mr. X had an attack. As a result, he was unable to maneuver his car thereby endangering his life as well as the life of the other drivers or pedestrians in the road. Indeed, having a panic attack disorder is a serious matter and an effective cure should be sought.

The most common treatment is simply medication. In medication, a person suffering from the disorder is given certain medicines that help reduce the symptoms of the disorder. Hence, these medications prevent the occurrence of yet another attack and suppress the emergence of its symptoms. Another cure would be psychotherapy. Psychotherapy involves counseling and talking. It helps the patient understand anxiety attacks and how to cope with them. Through psychotherapy, the triggering factor of the attack is identified and subsequently treated. This is effective because it helps a person avoid or get rid of the triggering factor.

Panic attack disorders should be treated right away, so as to avoid any damage that it may cause to the life of the patient and the lives of other people near him. An effective cure should be resorted to in order to prevent and suppress the symptoms and to stop any further occurrences.

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Cases of anxiety attack are greater in number within industrialized places. It is expected because most of the people in these places are too stressed out with work. They tend to take fewer amounts of relaxation and rest. Worst of all they live with a poor lifestyle.

It is pretty alarming because as more people suffer with anxiety problems, more companies and homes are also affected. The given fact that anxiety doesn't just affect the victim itself but also the people surrounding them supports that. These people who are suffering with anxiety must be given immediate attention. The best way to do so is give them advice as to how they could cure their problem. I am certain the world would be in great trouble if anxiety attack grow huge amount of cases.

We all know how negative the effect of anxiety is to its victim's life. It not just lowers the physical mobility of the person, it also affects his confidence. Anxiety becomes a burden to the person suffering with it. He would start withdrawing himself from the normal walk of life, as he wouldn't want to be caught in an embarrassing situation. Hence, his work and social life are put into risk.

Good enough there are simple things around us that could be of great help in addressing this said issue so there is nothing to worry about. All we need to do is focus on restoring our nervous system. The secret towards healing of anxiety actually depends on the complete restoration of our brain.

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Here are 4 suggested natural cures for anxiety:

First of all is a healthy eating habit which means you need to turn your back against substances that are actually causing your anxiety attack. Alcohol and caffeine must be taken in lesser and controlled amount or better yet don't take any of it anymore. Instead focus more on eating healthier food for your brain and body.

Second is a regular exercise that you must do everyday. Remember this thing will help your body a lot so motivate yourself to try it.

Third is deep relaxation which will be giving you a totally restored system when done religiously. Try massage, yoga, meditation and other relaxing activities and see how it will make a difference into your health and life in general.

Fourth and the last is a good amount of sleep that will provide your brain with a good opportunity to restore itself.

I could assure you that all of the above mentioned cures will really show monumental changes to your lifestyle. So, start implementing it to your life soon.

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It is sad to admit that the world we are living in is becoming more stressful for us to bear. The lifestyle we have made for ourselves are firing back at us in the form of restlessness. Anxiety or panic attack is just one of them. You may fail to notice but it is undoubtedly our own body's call for us to start changing our lifestyle before everything gets too late.

Start applying simple routine regularly that will surely give you remedy against anxiety. Never entertain thoughts of taking pills and seeking professional help, as they don't really offer a complete healing.

The onset of anxiety attack is a sign that your brain or nervous system is in need of restoration. It may have been used inappropriately for quite some time hence the presence of anxiety into your system. Our brain needs rest and deserves to be given an ample amount of so. The list below is four of simple yet effective natural remedies that may help solve your anxiety problems:

Proper diet

Our bodies are in dire need of natural substances that bring about positive effects to our health. Drink plenty amount of pure water for your body needs them. Gain plenty of protein and alkaline so as to help your systems generate new well-functioning neurotransmitters. Fruits and vegetables are good choices of food so better eat plenty of them everyday. Take lesser amount of alcohol and caffeine or might as well eliminate these two toxic substances from your life.

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Regular Exercise

As sedentary living is becoming more common nowadays, more individuals lack enough time to get good amount of sunlight, fresh air and exercise. You must remind yourself that exercise is a good way of getting rid of negative substances from our body. Hence, give time for a regular exercise.

Deep Relaxation

Most of us don't even get enough of this, worst of all they even take this for granted. Let it be known that relaxation is not just for fun. More importantly, it is a nerve repair mechanism which works best towards restoring a balanced nervous system.

Quality Sleep

It is very important to our body for like deep relaxation it is also a nerve repair mechanism. So we must always give ourselves a good sleep that follows a regular pattern and make our room a good place to sleep in.

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Overcoming health anxiety has proven far more successful in sufferers who learn as much as they can about their condition. To get you started on the road to fully understanding your condition, here are 5 facts you should know.

1. There are a surprisingly large number of people suffering with health anxiety at any one time. The number fluctuates between 4% and 20% of all Americans being affected by health anxiety.

2. Cyberchondria is the slang term given to those with health anxiety who feel compelled to investigate their own physical symptoms on the Internet. Unfortunately, "Googling" your own symptoms usually ends in disaster, since most people will continue to search for answers on the Internet until they find what they fear.

3. This disorder is very often accompanied by other forms of anxiety disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, agoraphobia, and even social anxiety disorder are all more likely to be experienced by someone with health anxiety. There is also an increased risk of suffering with clinical depression.

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4. More women than men suffer with health anxiety. Many experts believe that it's actually suffered equally between men and women, but that the stats are skewed because men are far less likely to talk to their doctor about their problem.

5. Doctors often treat health anxiety by prescribing medications such as SSRIs. The is often unsuccessful due to the side-effects of such drugs being misinterpreted as a serious illness. Due to this problem with medication being prescribed, cognitive and other thought-based therapies are typically much better strategies.

By learning as much as you can about your condition you'll be in a much better position to get back on the road to recovery. Educating yourself with the facts is possibly the best first step you can take in overcoming health anxiety.

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