The 21st century has seen a sudden turn to MBA Courses and attendance of CMAT exams by many candidates since the population of the nation has rapidly increase thus leading to many MBA graduates completing their education and not securing jobs. This has led many candidates and parents to reconsider if it is right to send their child to B school since they may spend money on the courses and still not be able to secure the desired jobs. Case studies show many MBA graduates actually following professions they have not studied for since they must secure work and earn a living whether graduates or not.

This in turn has prompted many CMAT candidates to consider different options that offer better earning opportunities since at the end of the day money is what matters. It is important for both parent and their children to sit on a table and make the required decision while taking in to consideration both positive and negative aspects since this could help avoid lots of time wasted pursing a career that may not yield results.

Today it is common to find MBA graduates doing odd jobs with many cases being seen of them pursuing careers that metric students should be pursuing. Since education also plays an important role in each person life it is important to pursue a profession that would yield result at the end. It is also important to have a back up plan incase a graduate does not secure a job since they should be able to pursue a career they have studied for rather than working for pea nuts.

Technical field have been noted to yield the best results in the 21st century and it is important that they consider self employment as the first option. Self employment requires little investment since a graduate will be selling his services and slowly as they grow they could begin expanding. After attending and completing CMAT and MBA courses it is important one begin building his own contacts while they search for a suitable job. One need not worry concerning investment since the amount required is small and a person could easily afford it if they approach the situation with a level head. The smaller the establishment the less the overhead expenses will be for the MBA graduate and they could simply begin by selling their expertise before reinvesting the money earned in to purchasing the required tools and equipment to begin a small business of their own.

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