In many homes, the kitchen is the "heart of the home." In Feng Shui the kitchen symbolizes nourishment and wealth. After all, it’s no coincidence that slang words for money include "bread" or "dough" and “to put food on the table” means to earn money. Reflecting the love and energy that are poured into process of making food, the kitchen also symbolizes nourishment. A disorderly kitchen is a clear sign that your finances are in disarray, and if you’re trying to stay slim, beware a kitchen that’s too "visible."

Here are some Feng Shui and Vaastu suggestions for creating a kitchen that’s healthy, wealthy and wise:

1. Do you find cooking a burden? Do you struggle to keep off excess pounds? Here’s what to do: go outside, open your front door and look into your home. If you have a clear view into the kitchen, negative energies have a clear shot at accumulating there. To deflect these energies, place something between the front door and kitchen that is a focal point — like a large vase of flowers on a table — to draw attention before the eyes go to the kitchen. You could also cover up the kitchen with a pocket door, an attractive stained glass door, or a fabric curtain.
2. The ideal location for a kitchen is in the east or southeast of your home. The worst locations are in the west or northwest where the energies have the potential to cause health problems and ongoing confrontations for the primary breadwinner. If your kitchen is located in the west or northwest area of your home, try to have your stove located in the east or southeast sector of your kitchen.
3. The stove is the most important element in a kitchen. While “triangle” patterns are popular in kitchen design, the stove is a Feng Shui fire element that should never be placed right next to the sink or the refrigerator which are both water elements. Water puts out fire which could adversely affect your finances. So, allow at least three feet between the stove and the sink and fridge. If they are side by side, place a small green plant between the two to help hold the energy of your stove (and finances). If you have an island stove that is directly across from your sink, this arrangement can cause arguments and disputes as water and fire energy clash. A green rug will emit wood energy and so placing a green rug on the floor between the sink and the stove will help to diffuse the clashing energy.
4. Always keep your stove clean and the burners working properly. Plus, don’t just use one burner — use all your burners equally to attract a flow of money from many different sources.
5. If your kitchen is small or dark, light it up! Use lamps or hang lighting that diffuses more light upwards. Consider adding lighting inside glass cabinets to illuminate your china and crystal. Placing large mirrors can also help brighten the kitchen and open up a small, dark space. Also use lighter colors as well to make your kitchen appear even brighter.
6. Keep your kitchen organized and clutter free! It is more fun and enjoyable to cook in a tidy kitchen. You will be able to find whatever ingredients you need. Whatever you are thinking and feeling when you cook produces energies that will enter the food. If you’re feeling cramped, frustrated or chaotic, the food will absorb this energy. Being mindful, calm and peaceful when cooking can help to raise the vibrations in the food which in turn helps to nourish us.
7. Keep your refrigerator clean –inside and out. You want everything about your refrigerator to symbolize health, nourishment, and well-being. That’s why it’s vital to keep everything about your fridge fresh. So start by clearing the overwhelming and stagnant energy that can be created by having the outside of your fridge papered with flyers, invitations and photos. Be brutal and remove the excess – think of every paper as “static,” As you remove it, the energy becomes clearer and calmer. It’s also vital to keep the inside of your refrigerator fresh and vibrant. Be vigilant in throwing out spoiled foods, wiping down shelves, and organizing what’s left. When you open the door to your fridge, you want to literally feel the harmonious energy emanate out to keep you and your family healthy and prosperous.

Now that you know these seven secrets to better kitchen Feng Shui, don’t wait — put them into action now to improve health, harmony and your finances throughout 2011.

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