Urology problems are too common these days, in both sexes. If you are suffering from them, then you must visit the urologist as soon as possible because only he can treat you well. Or you must read this article carefully at the end, because we are going to give you detailed information about everything related to urology problems as well.

If you notice blood in your urine, then you must visit the urology centre as soon as possible, because this condition is a very serious condition. That needs immediate treatment, that’s why we recommend you to talk to a urologist because he is the only person who can treat you well according to your condition.

First of all, you need to understand everything related to blood in the urine. This condition is medically known as Hematuria. Do not take this lite, because this is such a serious condition, that’s why you need immediate attention to this condition. Well, there are many types of hematuria, you cannot see each type of hematuria with the naked eye. Well, the most common type of hematuria is called microscopic hematuria, which can only be with the help of a microscope.

If you are seeing blood in your urine, then you need to understand the condition that is known as gross hematuria. In this condition, you may experience brown, pink, and red.

Causes of Hematuria

There are several causes of hematuria that are listed below-:

  • Kidney stones
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Certain medications include pain relievers, blood thinners, aspirin, and antibiotics.
  • Vigorous exercise such as long-distance running
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Serious causes such as the urethra, swelling of the kidney, cancer of the kidney or bladder.
  • A history of smoking increases the risk of kidney or bladder cancer, which is associated with the hematuria problem.

Risk Factors for Hematuria

There is a certain type of risk factors that are associated with hematuria problem. These are-:

  • A family history of kidney disease
  • Exposure to chemicals in the workplace
  • Chronic urinary tract infection
  • Treatment with radiation for pelvic cancer
  • Smoking and over-consumption of illegal drugs or alcohol as well.

In these conditions, you must visit the specialist, so that you can get rid of this hematuria condition. This can only be treated with the help of medications such as antibiotics.

Diagnosing the cause

In this condition, you need to go through a repeat urine test in order to understand the condition. Your doctor may ask you about your health history such as-:

  • infections
  • kidney stones
  • smoking
  • menstruation
  • previous or recent injuries as well.

Your specialist may ask you about certain medications that you are taking or taken previously. He will also recommend you to go with a physical exam, to check the pain as well as tenderness in your kidney or bladder area as well. In addition to this, women may need to go through a pelvic exam whereas, men have to give a digital rectal exam to check the prostate problems.

Treatment for Hematuria

Well, as we said earlier, you have to take certain medications, such as antibiotics. These are necessary to treat your condition such as kidney stones. Make sure, you must visit the best urologist near you because only he can treat you well according to your condition.

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