We humans are social animals and in fact we cannot live without our social circle. We are evolved this way and it is one of the basic instinct that we developed at a very early stage of our evolution. So you can say we humans love to be around people, love to have conversation with people around us, fall in love with people, love elders, love kids, love being appreciated and enjoy so many feelings that give us the title of a civilized society. Feeling is always an integral part of people and it can be expressed through many ways. Being in relationship with your partner is a feeling that you cherish. Feeling is the fundamental thing that we humans have since the time we are born.

Now coming to the main point of breakup. What actually is breakup? The common definition of breakup can be stated as the separation of two people in a relationship either with mutual understanding or being betrayed/left by one partner. But if you look at breakup from behavioral perspective it is rather a feeling of experiencing being separated from a person whom you love/admire. If you take out the “feeling” emotion from a breakup it will not be as debilitating as people think it is. So the basic point to clear here is that breakup is a feeling and nothing more than that.

But the irony is that breakup don’t always end up happily. In reality it takes emotional toll on both the persons involved in the relationship. The relationship here should not be measured by time duration because being in a relationship for a shorter time period doesn’t mean that both the partners doesn’t have strong feelings towards each other. Breakup is mostly emotionally heartbreaking and it is that stage of the life where people generally feel lonely and either feel being separated or separate themselves from the society. Though breakup is hard to overcome but there are ways through which people can overcome it.

As stated above breakup is a feeling and feeling are not hard to overcome. So you think how to get over someone is difficult then take it as a “feeling” and nothing else. Let’s look at the ways through which you can use this feeling factor to overcome someone:

Take out the positive from a relationship and leave it there forever: Nothing is permanent and this concept is indirectly related to relationships. People married for 50 years too separate at some of time so why there is a need to feel lonely when you had a breakup. The best way to get out of the breakup dilemma is to simply take out the positive and leave the relationship there only and move on. It’s not that hard to move on because just think for a while for how long will you remain in a lonely or socially deprived state.

Life doesn’t stop so why should you: Solution of everything lies in how you perceive things. Being in a relationship is a very awesome feeling but it doesn’t mean that your life will revolve around it forever. So develop a sense in yourself that nothing is there to stay forever be it your relationship or anything else. There would be a time when everything will be gone. So take life as it comes to you. Experience the feeling of love but at the same time appreciate the life also because it doesn’t stop till you are alive.

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