Should I buy an under-construction luxury home or a ready real estate? This is one of the main doubts of those who want to acquire their own property and leave the rent. The properties in Dubai are assets that have an appreciation over time, so when buying a Dubai luxury homes you are guaranteed that you have something of value.

Buying a property involves a long process, and saving to pay it off for cash or for checking in is an option that should be considered. Therefore, choosing the way of buying the Dubai luxury homes will depend a lot on your financial timing and your needs. For example, if you have money in savings and are already looking for a luxury home of your own, the best option is to buy it in cash. However, if you do not have an urgent need to get out of the rental, and prefer to follow the work to see how it is being done, what materials are used, such as the electrical installations, choose the under construction home.

Under construction home: How it works
Under construction real estate is priced lower than ready and has a high appreciation when finished - can reach 100%, depending on the fluctuation of the economy. For buyers who can expect to have their own property, the under construction home will only bring benefits.

It is important to remember that it is always important to take care before buying an under construction home, such as talking to residents who have already bought real estate from the same construction company, researching the city hall if the work is legalized, signing a contract of sale and ensure that the clauses are being complied with, among other measures. In addition, there is a risk that the work will not be completed in the promised time, so being aware of the process is a vital issue.

However, the benefits of this acquisition are many and can overcome any problems. Know some advantages of buying an under-construction property!

Greater flexibility in payment
Under-construction homes in Dubai have a greater flexibility in the way of payment than ready Dubai luxury homes. In case you do not have all the money to enter, it can be parceled out until the delivery of the keys, for example. Already if you have a large amount to give entry, you can make smaller installments throughout the construction of the house. However, it is important to be assured that the builder will not be charging high interest on the installments, as this may cause the final value to be higher than that established at the time of purchase.

Option to freeze funding
One of the great benefits of buying an under-construction home is the option of freezing the financing. This means that the amount you will pay will be the same at the end of the process, even if it has appreciated. This option is offered by some banks, and the evaluation of the property and the definition of its value are made at the time of signing the purchase and sale agreement.

Modern infrastructure
Under-construction homes are modern buildings and have an excellent infrastructure. Points that were not taken into account in the past become fundamental pieces in a new Dubai luxury homes, such as parking spaces and better integration of the rooms. Also, being a new property, you will not have to worry about doing maintenance for a long time.

And you, have you thought about buying an under-construction home in Dubai? Still have questions about the best way to do this? Contact our experts at 22Carat to find the best market advice.

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