Getting small damage repaired in the car is no less than a nightmare for car owners. They are not only concerned about the charges for repairs but also concerned, about whether the mechanic can repair the car they own or not. Apart from both these concerns, they are also concerned about the time taken for repairs. Although some renowned car repair centres in Birmingham offer a wide range of car repair services at reasonable prices, finding them is a daunting task for car owners getting their car repaired for the first time.

It would be interesting to know that not are car repairs are time-consuming and may be repaired within a short time. That means the car owners even don’t need to leave their cars at the workshop for repairs. Well, now the question arises how much time is required for repairing different components? An answer to this question is given in the following paragraphs.

1. Brakes: Repairing the brakes is one of the common repair tasks performed by all car repair centres. Replacing the brakes or repairing the full pair of brakes including both front and rear brakes takes almost two to three hours. The cars manufactured today have disc brakes on all the wheels and therefore the disc and pads are repaired separately, thus there is no need to change the full braking system.
2. Lights: Replacing the bulbs of headlights and taillights is the same as replacing a bulb at home. An expert technician will hardly take 15 minutes to replace the defective bulb. It is not a laborious task and doesn’t cost much.
3. Suspension System: It is not only a complicated component of your car, but its repair is also expensive and time-consuming. Replacing a single set of shockers requires two to three hours. In case, if all the shockers need repair and replacement then it will take two to three days. Replacing a spring or a shock absorber is not a time-consuming task. In short, the time to repair the suspension system depends on the damage.
4. Exhaust System: Similar to the suspension system, repairing the exhaust system is also a time-consuming and expensive task. Replacing the muffler or mid-pipe can be done within an hour, but repairing the downpipe is a quite complicated task and is accomplished within two to three hours.
5. Windscreen: Repairing the windscreen is accomplished between one to two hours. As it is a complicated task, because it takes long hours for the glue to set properly before driving, it is recommended to get the windscreen repaired by some known car repair centres.
6. Fluids: Replacing the necessary fluid is not a complicated task and can be accomplished within ten to fifteen minutes. Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about timing and get it done while coming back from the office.

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Conclusion: Ignoring the necessary car repairs is risky and can put you in trouble. It is better to get it done immediately as soon as you notice any change in the behaviour of your car. The time mentioned in repairing the above components is the legitimate time required by expert technicians to repair them. This may vary according to the damage.