Years ago, I wrote an article on divorce and the stigma it has in the church. I shared that when I was first contemplating divorce and I went to my church for counseling, the advice that I was given was to have more sex. As if a wife who is ready to pursue divorce could have her heart healed with more sex. One of the women who commented on my article said that when she went to her church for counseling, she was told to get on anti-depressants. To some people these experiences may sound comical simply because they are so ridiculous, but I can assure you, for Christian women desperate for help, answers, and advice as they carefully consider possible ripping their families apart, neither of these experiences is funny. They are simply cruel.

Unfortunately for so many Christian women, it has been their conclusion that when dealing with divorce, the church is not a place to go for help. After going to the church for help, they leave feeling guilty or ashamed for even considering divorce and subsequently sentenced to spend the rest of their lives grinning and bearing their dysfunctional marriage. Years and sometimes decades later, they have lost their joy, their identity, their purpose, their hope.

I know that these experiences are no reflection on Christ. I repeatedly tell people to reserve their judgment about Christ until they have personally met Him because nothing and no one else compares. However, my point is that anyone who is thinking of breaking up their family via divorce likely has some real concerns and is hurting. Addressing that hurt should be the top concern. Anything less just makes it worse.

Divorce is horrific. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, but there are many instances when it is absolutely necessary. Navigating through the legal and emotional aspects of divorce is hard enough, but for most Christian women, you are forced to navigate through an additional set of issues. You have to navigate through how to reconcile the decision/need to divorce, with your Christian faith, and you have to navigate through the judgement and condemnation of your fellow Christians. Trying to get through all of this can be exhausting and nearly impossible.

I know firsthand from my own experience how difficult this can be and I am committed to producing materials that help other Christian women navigate this difficult time in a way that is as low stress and empowering as possible.

With that said, I have developed an online school with courses specifically created to help elevate this problem. I also offer Faith-Based life coaching as well. The courses help women to understand God’s heart concerning divorce and how to reconcile the decision to divorce with their faith and with the bible, so that the truth can empower them to get through this difficult time without the judgement and condemnation. The life coaching provides a listening ear and a coach that helps women walk through this difficult time with an advocate that is with them every step of the way.

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Author's Bio: 

Amanda Nicole is a Divorced Christian woman who is dedicated to seeing the woman of God free from the bondage of dysfunctional marriage. She believes that too many women are exchanging the right to experience the beauty of God's love for them through marriage that He Himself handpicked and ordained for them, in order to be martyrs in the abusive and life draining counterfeit marriages that they have been tricked into.

As a Faith-Based Life Coach and the creator of the Freedom Through Divorce online school, she helps Christian women who are dealing with divorce, to move from divorce to destiny and to thrive post-divorce.

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