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Deciding whether you should settle for DIY or professional removal does not have to be an uphill task. There are several considerations to be made, but there is nothing inherently stressful about it. The article walks you through a few factors that should ideally govern your decision in this regard. At the end of it all, you will be convinced why getting professional movers on board is all worth it.


This is, of course, the main reason why many people want to avoid professional home removals in Perth. They just don't want to pay for services that they think they will be to take care of themselves. It is essential to secure quotes from various reputed companies to obtain an estimate instead of arbitrarily assuming that professional services are expensive. You can always reduce expenses by

• Settling for the cheapest services made available in the market

• Asking friends to chip in to move the not-so-fragile items like books, showpieces etched from durable materials etc

• Making optimal use of the space available in the moving truck to cut down on the number trips taken

Gauging the level of difficulty

Yes. You should only decide after finding out how difficult your removal tasks are. One having many heavy appliances, antique furniture and sectionals cannot arbitrarily rule out the need for professional help. It requires skills to manoeuvre the pieces above of furniture while moving – which of course- only the professionals can bring on board.

The moving distance

If you are moving lighter furniture within shorter distances, you can still manage on your own but not really when it comes to larger distances. It's better to trust the trucks of the experienced removalists in Perth instead of your car. Not only will they be better at organising long distance removals but they will also ensure that the minimum possible trips are employed to move the goods to reduce carbon footprint.

The kind of load you’re moving

Once again, when it comes to heavy objects, not only moving but packing also needs to be done strategically. DIY packing, of course, comes with its share of demerits often leading to potential loss of property --- for instance, breakage, scratches or any other form of damage.

Can you shell out the time required?

Do remember that it's not only about moving itself but strategising the move as well. Take into account the time required for planning the move – which starts well before the day of moving. If you don't have the needed time for the same, then do not settle for DIY but reach out to the professionals.

How “difficult” is the access to the new property?

This is one of the crucial factors to consider. If the new property has too many staircases or hallways, you would want professionals to manoeuvre in accordance – not something which non-specialists can do!

All the factors are taken together

The kind of load you’re moving and the distance you are covering are the two factors that will determine whether yours is a small or a big move. Big moves come with their share of stress as a result of which it is best to be assisted by professionals.

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Author runs a company dealing with home removals in Perth. In the blogs on the necessity of opting for removalists in Perth, the author regularly offers tips on ways to hire services, pros and cons of DIY etc.