Yes, there are some unexpected reasons behind increasing drug use in Canada.As often as not, various diseases spread among people, as consequence increase the drug use ubiquitously.From adult to children all of them are affected by various problems both physical and mental.

Top Diseases that Affect Most to Increasing Drug Use in Canada

Cancer (Malignant neoplasms)

In Canada, now cancer is one of the top diseases .Statistic Canada’s website claimed in 2013, only cancer was liable for 75,112 deaths for both male and female. Lung cancer is highly affected cancer for Canadians. Under the World Atlas, this is as a result of Canadians’ strong tobacco/alcohol use and high-fat diets that also raise the possibility of stimulating pancreatic cancer.

Recently, the Canadian Cancer Society claimed that approximately 50% of Canadians are prospective to be diagnosed with some types of cancer throughout their existence. The study claimed that, “apart from non-melanoma skin cancer,” nearly 206,100 Canadians are awaiting a cancer diagnosis.

Heart Disease

In 2013, nearly 49,891 Canadians were killed by heart disease.Besides deficient diet, less exercise and the vogue of consuming tobacco, earnings is also a cause. On a range from 0-10 percent, lower-income Canadians were 4.8 percent more likely to undergo heart disease than those who profit the most income.

Stroke (Cerebrovascular diseases)

Approximately 13400 Canadian lives were claimed by stroke In 2013. Strokes are concerned by an incoherent bloodstream to the brain. A great quantity of Na in extemporary meals and fast food get about hypertension, high blood pressure and, as consequence, a stroke. Under the approximate Canadian’s diet, this illustrates why strokes are one of the highest diseases in Canada.

Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases (CLRDs)

In 2013, approximately 11979 deaths by the CLRDs. These diseases limit the stream of oxygen to the lungs (emphysema,chronic bronchitis,asthma etc.). poor air quality and smoking induces the improvement of some CLRDs.

Diabetes (Diabetes mellitus)

At last, diabetes gets back up in the sort of top diseases in Canada.In 2013, nearly 7,045 deaths were caused by it. Swallowing a great quantity of sugar from sodas, sugary drinks and several prepackaged foods might induce diabetes. Income also highly impacts this disease. Treating the similar 0-10 percent range from before, those who under lower-income groups were put to be 5.2 percent more likely to be living with diabetes than those in the highest income bracket.

Considering all of the above factors,Canadians must take to prevent or cure these diseases by using various drugs.

Drug products

Before drug products are permitted for sale in Canada, Health Canada retrails them to measure their security, quality and ability. Canada Drugs products comprise prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals, disinfectants and sanitizers with disinfectant claims.

Prescription Drug use by Canadians aged 6 to 79

Consequent upon a study of the 2007 to 2011 CHMS, 41% of community-dwelling 6- to 79-year-olds had taken minimum one prescription drug under two days of their domestic interview. This was less than the 48% who delineated to the 2007-2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in the United StatesNote13 that they had used prescription drugs in the previous month. Also, antithetical to the American statistics, the CHMS calculation keeps out people aged 80 or older, a group known to be large users of drugs.

Lexchin asserted Canadian drugs are economical since the government controls the price of general and brand-name drugs. The prices of cheaper general drugs, which describe most prescriptions, are fixed along deals with drug companies at the rustic and national levels.


Considering sicknesses and other manifestations for drugs vary throughout the life route, so do the principal drug classes. This is mainly the case for females whose drug use up to age 40-45 is influenced by contraceptives, and then allows way to drugs for instance estrogens, a form of hormone substitution therapy. Treatment of indications and danger factors correlated with cardiovascular disease maneges a significant part of men’s drug use that is increasing drug use in Canada day by day.

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