Epididymitis is one of the most common diseases in men, which is very harmful to human body. After suffering from acute epididymitis, males need to pay attention to many problems, especially the aspects of daily eating. Once the diet is out of control, it may cause acute epididymitis to break out repeatedly, which is not conducive to the male physical health.

Duck is a common food and very popular. Can patients with acute epididymitis eat duck?

As the nutritional value of duck is relatively high, while patients with acute epididymitis often need to supplement nutrition, so they are allowed to eat duck in most cases. But they can not always eat duck without restraints, since it is necessary for human body to supplement sufficient fresh vegetables and fruits.

Acute epididymitis is usually caused by retrograde infection in vas deferens, which is most common in young and middle-aged men. Eating duck does not cause damage to the recovery. Duck is delicious with high nutritional value and contains rich protein, which can be easily absorbed. It also contains a variety of vitamins and niacin, which are very good for the human body. So eating duck can help patients to eliminate inflammation and improve the body resistance.

For patients with acute epididymitis, dietary treatment is important. Besides the duck, they also need more foods with high nutritional value. They should eat more fruits and vegetables, such as apples, pears and bananas. They can add some nutrition from healthy foods appropriately, such as milk, eggs, lean meat and other foods. They are not suggested to drink alcohol or smoke, and they should avoid pungent, greasy, raw, cold foods.

They should also pay attention to the treatment, since the diet plan is often seen as an auxiliary role. For the treatment, antibiotics are often used for the acute epididymitis, and if you are uncured for a long period of time or treated improperly, your symptoms will get worse, and it will turn into the chronic epididymitis. In this case, antibiotics can not be used for too long since it can easily lead to drug resistance in most cases.

For the treatment of chronic epididymitis, it is often suggested to take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This medicine is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) product, which is made of more than 50 kinds of selected Chinese herbs. It can effectively eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria, improve the urinary system, and help men restore health. More importantly, because it is a natural treatment, it will not cause any side effects in humans or lead to the emergence of drug resistance. So men can safely take the medicine for a long time to eliminate chronic symptoms.

In addition to the proper treatment, patients always need to pay attention to the improvement of diet. In addition to the suggestions mentioned above, patients can also improve their health by using TCM ingredients. Common herbs include poria cocos, cornus officinallis, ripe rehmannia, Chinese yam, rhizoma alismatis and so on, and patients can decide what to choose according to their own situation. If you're interested while you don't know what to do, you can consult your doctor, or you can ask us by email. If you want to consult relative questions about these problems, you can send e-mail to herbalistlee@yahoo.com

In addition, patients also need to improve their personal habits to help them treat epididymitis more quickly. They should take more exercise, such as walking, running, playing badminton and so on. Pay attention to drink more water, which can improve blood circulation and promote the excretion of toxins. At the same time, they should have more rest, and do not stay up late. Personal hygiene is also very important, so patients should bathe and wash clothes frequently.

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